Master Class : Smart Money Concepts - Key Level strategiesLevel 3
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Aug 19, 2023

Master Class : Smart Money Concepts - Key Level strategiesLevel 3

Enhance your trading skills with this comprehensive course on Key level strategy, Smart Money Concepts, and Volume Spread Analysis. Whether you're new to trading or an experienced investor, this course guides you through market structure, cycle theory, and more. Gain the confidence to trade effectively in forex, cryptocurrency, stock, and beyond. Join now and prepare for Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 17 Developer (1Z0-829) exam and elevate your trading career.

Key level strategy is the mix customary inventory interest and market structure, market cycle theory.


Smart Money Concepts is the Mix of Key level strategy and Customary Inventory Interest with Market structure to enhance win rate, reward per risk apportion and assist trader with controlling inclination better.


Thus, Expert class will direct you how to join them together in the genuine trading.


I will share detail Market cycle theory here that you will see a circle of this market.

Starting there, we will know where is the best spot to passage follow Money Stream as a retail trader.


I likewise share you an expert level with Key level and Smart Money Concepts, we apply it with Volume Spread Analysis to exchange and contribute on Crypto and Stock market.


In this way, even you're Forex trader or Crypto and Stock financial backer, you actually can learn and apply it well.


You likewise comprehend about market structure after this course to know when a pattern start, end, run. It assists you with having a superior success rate, reward per risk proportion to exchange even with Inward Circle Trading or ICT technique.


During learning and rehearsing, you can leave any your inquiry on QA part of Udemy. Jayce will answer and help you in 12 hours or less


I will make sense of detail from littlest definitions about how you can join Key level and Smart Money Concepts to exchange with foundation in the trading course level 1 and level 2 in my entire courses.


You can grasp the 10,000 foot view of market, when you ought to use these techniques and take benefit, stop misfortune, trail stop intensely based on market cycle theory, market structure and multiple time period ace principles.


At the point when you dissect to contribute, you can apply more Volume to characterize precisely force behind the cost. For trading, that is discretionary, you can use or not, that is still great. However, the strategy to consolidate Key level - Smart Money Idea together is the most remarkable to figure out the entire image of market. What's more, here's likewise entire my strategy to exchange prop frim trading.


We'll make you stride by-step through drawing in video examples and show you all that you want to be aware to prevail as a productive trader.


Toward the finish of this course, you will be smoothly Supply Interest, Market structure, Multiple time period ace guidelines and you'll be so great at trading that you can find an opportunity line of work or trading professionally.


Btw, I likewise made a Friction channel for understudies to examine together. In this channel, we will share the information, tips to learn and examination consistently on any assets.

I likewise made a Contest that will assist with picking up looking with yourself to work on your brain research, risk management on high strain climate like genuine trading. The tension comes from your rivals' outcomes, huge money capital

All of above exercises would assist you with coming beneficial and consistency traders in not so distant future.


You can join strife channel to allude about it whenever.


My gaining school was planned from level 0 - 5 with full information about market :

(You can see the level at the captions)

- Level 0 : Multiple time period theory, associate from one zone to another.

- Level 1 : Complete Key level strategy, drawing key level precisely.

- Level 2 : Complete Smart Money Concepts, understanding the genuine market picture with control

- Level 3 : How to join Key level and smart money concepts with market cycle theory and Volume.

- Level 4 : Involving Key level and smart money for day trading, assemble the street to be success trader, update market structure.

- Level 5 : For investing trader, Utilizing Ichimoku to multiple assets and utilizing Brilliant pattern pointer to oversee 100 assets.


Course's help and Exceptional necessity :

1. Continuously show restraint to learn


2. Continuously show restraint to practice. Trading : half Control yourself - half Strategy.


3. Educator's help in back and forth discussion : You can allude existing question and answer session and leave your new Inquiries whenever. I will attempt to answer inside 12hours.


What you can do after this course :


Comprehend story behind single flame utilizing Volume : Marubozu , Pinbar , Doji


Use single flame with volume


Peruse energy of market with Volume


Investigate market structure precisely


Apply Multiple time period really


Work on your trading framework by 1 time span


Apply Confluence strategy with Volume


Apply Smart money strategy with Volume


Understanding market cycle


Utilizing "Scale in" strategy


See higher perspective of market to Passage/TP/Stop misfortune/Following stop


Step by step instructions to join SMC - Key level to successfully exchange


Apply to exchange really on all market : Forex/cryptocurrency/Stock/Indies


Just 10 - 55% individuals who know to let money development itself by investing or trading. In the emerging nation, this number is just 1% populace. How about we envision what will occur if nearly individuals understand that setting aside cash in bank or wallet are not the effective method for being financial prosperity, and they want to contribute to Stock, Crypto to have better opportunity to grow up their own money. Particularly, Apple stock, Google stock, ... furthermore, Bitcoin, Ethereum are insane expanding esteem from 2019 to 2021.

Soon, this energy will be twofold by number of individuals who appealing by that insane development. What's more, That is Opportunities of a lifetime for us WHO arranged quite a while for investing and trading.


Investing and Trading even have a similar the power every development : Purchaser and SELLER. In any case, the liquidity behind of every development are very surprising. In the trading, we regularly exchange transient period with little money had increase by influence, so liquidity are constant. Yet, investing, we will purchase and hold that assets for a drawn out period. To increase in quite a while, they need extremely high liquidity, that is motivation behind why Volume examination is vital and they key to success in investing vocation.


Thus, This total volume course was made to assist with peopling who truly need to contribute to be financial prosperity.


Try not to simply believe me, look at what existing understudies need to say regarding my courses:


" Truly decent strategy and definite clarification. I've selected entire your course, that is series of course from 0 to professional, legitimately and detail"


" Jaycee's course are all incredibly great. There isn't much of different educators who comprehend volume, value activity, and smart money like him. He is a splendid trader and I emphatically suggest his courses. I might likewise want to address a portion of the negative remarks I have seen about Jayce's English. As I would like to think his English is fine. In any case, in the event that you have issues understanding anything the closed subtitles are 100 percent exact. I have assumed control north of 40 Udemy courses about trading and practically all have been by non English local speakers. You will pass up a ton of good information on the off chance that you don't attempt to comprehend. "


" it's truly extraordinary course, teacher is guide the idea in clear, concise. Much appreciated "


"This information truly useful to apply in next up flood of Bitcoin. truly pleasant strategy. you're modest exchange with decent sharing . I feel a debt of gratitude "


" Extremely coherent mix. I advanced an excess of information from Youtube previously . Everything came to muddled until I saw your courses to simplify it once more. Btw, your live trading recordings truly noteworthy and useful "


" This is truly decent technique from straightforward view to exchange. Gain from you alot, yet I'm somewhat straightforward individual. Your easiest strategy - Single TF with this one will be reasonable for me. Value your sharing. Brimming with Pdf and Test to test as well. Astounding course "


On the off chance that you're SERIOUS TRADER who are prepared to be DIFFIRENT this year. We should accompany us.


We will Battle TOGETHER for a SUCCESS YEAR


Course content


  • Essential about Volume spead examination
  • STORY behind Single candle with Single Volume
  • STORY behind a wave with Gathering of Volume
  • Apply Multiple Time period in Trading
  • Principal strategy : Confluence trading with KEY-LEVEL zone
  • Key level strategy Example
  • Principal Strategy : Smart Money Idea - SMC with Volume
  • Principal Strategy : Consolidate SMC and Key level strategy
  • Example about Consolidating SMC and Key level with Volume
  • Who this course is for:
  • Individuals who have no involvement with trading both Forex, Stock and Cryptocurrency
  • Individuals who have contributed for quite a while yet they actually don't have benefit
  • Individuals who need to seriously contribute
  • Individuals who need to change from official to opportunity trader
  • Individuals who need to further develop trading abilities to contribute skil

Useful Links:

  1. Course on Udemy
  2. Java SE 17 Developer Exam Number: 1Z0-829
  3. Discord Channel

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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

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