Master Java Programming (Geeks For Geeks)
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Mar 16, 2023

Master Java Programming (Geeks For Geeks)

Become an expert in JAVA programming to begin a rewarding career. This course will assist you with mastering basic JAVA concepts, for example, Variables, Data Types, I/O to Advanced Java Collections concepts and Algorithms. Join the learning wave today!

Beginner to Progress

Course Overview

Kick-start your JAVA programming journey with this self-paced course and expert the language from basic to advanced level. Curated and instructed by Mr. Sandeep Jain (CEO and Founder) and other industry experts with years of experience, this course will help you learn:Java Basics, Data Types, Operators, Loops, Strings, OOPS, Java Collections and Frameworks including Streams, Lists, Set, Map and substantially more.

Key Highlights:

  • 20+ hours of Basic JAVA Concepts
  • 25+ hours of Advanced JAVA Concepts
  • 150+ Industry Oriented Coding Problems
  • 300+ MCQs for Placement Assistance
  • Recorded sessions on java Basics, Advanced, Oops, Collections, & Advanced Algorithms
  • Short & Curated Notes for Quick Revision for exams
  • 24X7 Doubt Assistance for 6 months in each Topic and Problem
  • Live Community Sessions on a bi-week by week basis
  • Toward the finish of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge about all the basic JAVA Concepts including advanced algorithms and collections.


Once you have Dominated this JAVA course, then it is recommended to enroll in JAVA Backend Development Live Classes to up-skill yourself even further.

What you will realize

Background of Java and Programming Languages

How to write your First Program

Basic Concepts - Variables, Data Types, I/O, Operators, Loops, Functions, and considerably more

Java OOPs - Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and substantially more

Java Collections - Streams, Lambda Expressions, ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, TreeMap, and substantially more

Advanced Algorithms - Array Class, Collections Class, Sorting and substantially more

Solving coding questions easily and efficiently in the most optimized way.

Course Content


Java Basics

Background of Java

For what reason do we want Programming Languages

Writing the first program in Java


Variables and Data Types

Find out about variables in Java, Non-Primitive Types

Trade two Variables, Wrapper Classes in Java.

Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java and Type Conversion in Java


Input and Output in Java

Input and Output in Java

Escape Sequences in Java


Operators in Java

Operators in Java

Sum of N Regular Numbers, Find Last Digit of A Number, and other Practice Problems


Flow Control in Java

If Else Statements and Switch Statement

Even Odd Numbers, Largest of Three Numbers, Leap Year as well as Calculator


Loops in Java

Loop Statements: While Loop, Do While Loop, Break and Continue

Count digits, Table of a number, Patterns problems, Triangular pattern, Inverted Triangle, Square Pattern and other problems


Functions in Java

Functions and applications of Functions

 Command Line Arguments in Java

 First Digit of a Number and Prime Factorization


Arrays in Java

Arrays in Java introduction

[ ]a versus a[ ] in Java, Array Working and Types

Check If Array is Sorted, Count Distinct Elements, Maximum in an Array, Sum of an Array and Finding Average


String in Java

String Introduction and String Operations

StringBuilder and StringBuffer

Test Problems like Pangram Checking in Java, Pattern Searching, Find an additional one person in Java, and some more


Classes and Objects in Java

Class and Objects, Constructors, This Reference

Class Members and Access Specifiers, Static Members and Final Keyword


Advanced Concepts in Java

BigInteger Introduction and Method References in Java

Exception Handling, Method Call Stack and Exceptions

Multithreading in Java, File Handling and a lot more concepts.


Introduction to Collections

Java Collection Framework. Collection Hieratchy, Generics in Java

Wildcard, Collection Interface, Iterator in Java

toArray() methods, Collection operator methods and Iterating through Collections


Streams and Lambda Expressions

Lambda Expressions and its Grammar, Method References in Java

Streams in Java including its applications, hierarchy and methods with models


Lists and Stack

List Interface and iterator, ArrayList with its working, methods and crossings

Linked List in Java, Josephus Problem and other problems

Stack in Java Collections, Stock span problem, Next More prominent elements and other problems


Queue, Deque and Priority Queue

Queue in Java, Switch first K item, Produce numbers with given digits in Java

Deque, ArrayDeque in Java, design a data structure with min/max operations and other problems

PriorityQueue in Java , K largest elements, K most continuous elements and other problems



Set Interface, HashSet, LinkedHashSet and related problems

TreeSet, Ceiling on right problem in Java



Map Interface in Java and its methods, HashMap, Linked HashMap with model problems

TreeMap in Java, Design A DS For item prices, Count More noteworthy Elements and other problems



String in Java, StringBuilder and StringBuffer and its methods

Panagram Checking, Pattern Searching, Check for Anagram and other problems



Comparable Interface, Comparator Interface, methods and models

Arrays Class in Java, fill function, Binary Search, equals, miismatch, compare and other methods

Collections Class in Java, fill, opposite and other methods

Sorting in Java, sort method for Arrays and Collection, Sort component by recurrence, Meeting Maximum Visitors and other problems


Course Instructor


Sandeep Jain

Founder and CEO at GeeksforGeeks

Mr. Sandeep Jain moved on from Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. He completed his Graduate degree from IIT-Roorkee and has worked as a full-time Software Developer at D.E. Shaw and Co. His passion for teaching drove him to join JIIT Noida as an Assistant Professor.

He began GeeksforGeeks in 2009 as a blog, to compile resources on programming, algorithms, and interview preparation. He has curated and mentored the Data Designs and Algorithms - Self-Paced course on GeeksforGeeks, helping thousands of understudies land truly amazing jobs.

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