Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++ (Abdul Bari)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 24, 2023

Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++ (Abdul Bari)

Master the art of data structures and algorithms using C and C++. Learn and implement popular data structures, recursion, sorting algorithms, and more. Develop analytical skills and problem-solving abilities through detailed lessons. Access video lectures, downloadable resources, and earn a certificate of completion. Enroll now for lifetime access!

What you'll Learn

Various popular data Structures and their Algorithms.

Develop your Analytical skills on Data Structure and use List thing three.

Learn Recursive Algorithms on Data Structures.

Learn about various Sorting Algorithms.

Learn implementation of Data Structures using C and C++

Course Summary:

You might be new to Data Structure or you have proactively Studied and Implemented

Data Structures yet at the same time you believe you really want to learn more about Data Structure in

detail so that it helps you solve challenging problems and used Data Structure

efficiently. This 53 hours of course covers each topic in more noteworthy details, each topic

 is covered on Whiteboard which will further develop your Problem Solving and

Analytical Skills. Each datum Structure is discussed, analyzed and

implemented with a Practice line-by-line coding.


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Key highlights:

  • Full lifetime access.
  • Access on mobile and TV.
  • 58.5 hours on - request video.
  • 237 downloadable resources.
  • Certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum


Section 1: Preceding we Start

2 Lessons

Lesson 1. Instructor's Note


Lesson 2. Introduction


Section 2: Essential C and C++ Concepts

28 Lessons

Lesson 3. Arrays Basics


Lesson 4. Practice : Arrays Basics


Lesson 5. Structures


Lesson 6. Practice - Structures


Lesson 7. Pointers


Lesson 8. Practice - Pointers


Lesson 9. Reference in C++


Lesson 10. Practice - Reference


Lesson 11. Pointer to Structure


Lesson 12. Practice - Pointer to Structure


Lesson 13. Functions


Lesson 14. Practice - Functions


Lesson 15. Boundary Passing Methods


Lesson 16. Practice - Boundary Passing Methods


Lesson 17. Exhibit as Boundary


Lesson 18. Practice : Exhibit as Boundary


Lesson 19. Structure as Boundary


Lesson 20. Practice : Structure as Boundary


Lesson 21. Structures and Functions (Must Watch)


Lesson 22. Converting a C program to a C++ class (Must Watch)


Lesson 23. Practice : Monolithic Program


Lesson 24. Practice : Particular Program


Lesson 25. Practice : Structure and Functions


Lesson 26. Practice : Object-Situated Program


Lesson 27. C++ Class and Constructor


Lesson 28. Practice : C++ Class


Lesson 29. Layout classes


Lesson 30. Practice : Layout Class


Section 3: Required Setup for Programming

7 Lessons

Lesson 31. Setup Dev-C++ and Settings


Lesson 32. Setup CodeBlocks and Settings


Lesson 33. Troubleshooting using Dev-C++


Lesson 34. Troubleshooting using CodeBlocks


Lesson 35. Setup Visual Studio


Lesson 36. Troubleshooting using Visual Studio


Lesson 37. Setup Xcode


Section 4: Introduction

7 Lessons

Lesson 38. Introduction


Lesson 39. Stack vs Store Memory


Lesson 40. Stack vs Store. Continued...


Lesson 41. Physical vs Logical Data Structures


Lesson 42. ADT


Lesson 43. Reality Complexity


Lesson 44. Reality Complexity from Code


Section 5: Recursion

34 Lessons

Lesson 45. How Recursion Works ( Tracing )


Lesson 46. Summing up Recursion


Lesson 47. How Recursion uses Stack


Lesson 48. Recurrence Connection - Time Complexity of Recursion


Lesson 49. Lets Code Recursion


Lesson 50. Static and Worldwide Variables in Recursion


Lesson 51. How about we Code Static and Worldwide in Recursion


Lesson 52. Tail Recursion


Lesson 53. Head Recursion


Lesson 54. Tree Recursion


Lesson 55. How about we Code Tree Recursion


Lesson 56. Indirect Recursion


Lesson 57. How about we Code Indirect Recursion


Lesson 58. Nested Recursion


Lesson 59. How about we Code Nested Recursion


Lesson 60. Sum of Normal Number using Recursion


Lesson 61. We should Code Sum of N using Recursion


Lesson 62. Factorial using Recursion


Lesson 63. We should Code Factorial using Recursion


Lesson 64. Power using Recursion


Lesson 65. We should Code Power using Recursion


Lesson 66. Taylor Series using Recursion


Lesson 67. How about we Code Taylor Series using Recursion


Lesson 68. Taylor Series using Horner's Standard


Lesson 69. We should Code Taylor Series Horner's Standard - Recursion


Lesson 70. How about we Code Taylor Series Iterative


Lesson 71. Fibonacci Series using Recursion - Memoization


Lesson 72. How about we Code Fibonacci


Lesson 73. nCr using Recursion


Lesson 74. Lets Code nCr using Recursion


Lesson 75. Pinnacle of Hanoi Problem


Lesson 76. How about we Code Pinnacle of Hanoi


Lesson Test 1: Recursion


Lesson 77. Test 1 Solutions


Section 6: Arrays Representations

16 Lessons

Lesson 78. Introduction to Exhibit


Lesson 79. Declarations of Exhibit


Lesson 80. Demo - Exhibit Declaration


Lesson 81. Static vs Dynamic Arrays


Lesson 82. Demo - Static vs Dynamic Exhibit


Lesson 83. Step by step instructions to Increase Exhibit Size


Lesson 84. Demo - Increasing Exhibit Size


Lesson 85. 2D Arrays


Lesson 86. Demo - 2D Exhibit


Lesson 87. Exhibit Representation by Compiler


Lesson 88. Column Significant Recipe for 2D Arrays


Lesson 89. Column Significant Recipe for 2D Arrays


Lesson 90. Formulas for nD Arrays


Lesson 91. Formulas for 3D Arrays


Test 2: Arrays Representation


Lesson 92. Solutions for Test 2


Section 7: Exhibit ADT

38 Lessons

Lesson 93. Exhibit ADT


Lesson 94. Demo - Exhibit ADT


Lesson 95. Inserting in an Exhibit


Lesson 96. How about we Code Insert


Lesson 97. Erasing from Exhibit


Lesson 98. How about we Code Erase


Lesson 99. Direct Search


Lesson 100. Working on Direct Search


Lesson 101. We should Code Direct Search


Lesson 102. Parallel Search


Lesson 103. Parallel Search Calculation


Lesson 104 Lets Code Parallel Search


Lesson 105. Analysis of Double Search


Lesson 106. Normal Case Analysis of Double Search


Lesson 107. Get() Set() Avg() Max() Functions on Cluster


Lesson 108 Lets Code Get() Set() Max() on Exhibit


Lesson 109. Reverse and Shift an Exhibit


Lesson 110. Lets Code Reversing an Exhibit


Lesson 111. Check in the event that Cluster is Sorted


Lesson 112. Lets Code to check assuming that Exhibit is sorted


Lesson 113. Combining Arrays


Lesson 114. Lets Code to Union Arrays


Lesson 115. Set Operations on Exhibit - Union,Intersection and Difference


Lesson 116. Lets Code Set operations on Exhibit


Lesson 117. Lets Code a Menu Driven Program for Arrays


Lesson 118. How about we convert C program for Exhibit to C++


Lesson 119. How about we Set up all in C++ program for Cluster


Lesson 120. Student Challenge : Tracking down Single Missing Component in an Exhibit


Lesson 121. Student Challenge : Tracking down Numerous Missing Elements in an Exhibit


Lesson 122. Student Challenge : Tracking down Missing Component in a Cluster Technique 2


Lesson 123. Student Challenge Tracking down Duplicates in a Sorted Cluster


Lesson 124. Student Challenge : Finding Duplicates in Sorted Exhibit using Hashing


Lesson 125. Student Challenge : Tracking down Duplicates in an Unsorted Cluster


Lesson 126. Student Challenge : Tracking down a Couple of Elements with sum K


Lesson 127. Student Challenge : Tracking down a Couple of Elements with sum K in Sorted Cluster


Lesson 128. Student Challenge : Tracking down Max and Min in a single Scan


Test 3: Exhibit ADT


Lesson 129. Solutions for Test 3


Section 8: Strings

11 Lessons

Lesson 130. Introduction to Strings


Lesson 131. Tracking down Length of a String


Lesson 132. Changing Case of a String


Lesson 133. Counting Words and Vowels in a String


Lesson 134. Approving a String


Lesson 135. Reversing a String


Lesson 136. Comparing Strings and Checking Palindrome


Lesson 137. Tracking down Duplicates in a String


Lesson 138. Finding Duplicates in a String using Bitwise Operations


Lesson 139. Checking assuming 2 Strings are Re-arranged word (distinct letters)


Lesson 140. Change of String


Section 9: Matrices

18 Lessons

Lesson 141. Section Introduction


Lesson 142. Inclining Matrix


Lesson 143. How about we Code Inclining Matrix


Lesson 144. C++ class for Inclining Matrix


Lesson 145. How about we Code C++ class for Inclining mat


Lesson 146. Lower Three-sided Matrix Column Significant Planning


Lesson 147. Lower Three-sided Matrix Column-Significant Planning


Lesson 148. How about we Code Lower Three-sided Matrix in C


Lesson 149. We should Code Lower Three-sided Matrix in C++


Lesson 150. Upper Three-sided Matrix Line Significant Planning


Lesson 151. Upper Three-sided Matrix Column-Significant Planning


Lesson 152. Symmetric Matrix


Lesson 153. Tri-Slanting and Tri-Band Matrix


Lesson 154. Toeplitz Matrix


Lesson 155. Menu Driven Program for Matrices


Lesson 156. Menu Driven Program for Matrices using Functions


Lesson 157. The most effective method to Compose C++ Classes for All Matrices


Test 4: Matrices


Section 10: Sparse Matrix and Polynomial Representation

12 Lessons

Lesson 158. Sparse Matrix Representation


Lesson 159. Expansion of Sparse Matrices


Lesson 160. Exhibit Representation of Sparse Matrix


Lesson 161. We should Code to Create Sparse Matrix


Lesson 162. Program for Adding Sparse Matrix


Lesson 163. How about we Code to Add Sparse Matrix


Lesson 164. How about we Code Sparse Matrix using C++


Lesson 165. We should Code Sparse Matrix using C++ Continued.....


Lesson 166. Polynomial Representation


Lesson 167. Polynomial Assessment


Lesson 168. Polynomial Expansion


Lesson 169. We should Code Polynomial


Section 11: Linked List

58 Lessons

Lesson 170. Why we want Dynamic Data Structure Linked List


Lesson 171. About Linked List


Lesson 172. More About Linked List


Lesson 173. Display Linked List


Lesson 174. How about we Code Display for Linked List


Lesson 175. Recursive Display of Linked List


Lesson 176. How about we Code Recursive Display for Linked List


Lesson 177. Counting Nodes in a Linked List


Lesson 178. Sum of All Elements in a Linked List


Lesson 179. How about we Code Count and Sum


Lesson 180. Greatest Component in a Linked List


Lesson 181. How about we Code Max for Linked List


Lesson 182. Searching in a Linked List


Lesson 183. Work on Searching in Linked List


Lesson 184. How about we Code Searching in Linked List


Lesson 185. Inserting in a Linked List


Lesson 186. How about we Code Insert for Linked List


Lesson 187. Creating a Linked List using Insert


Lesson 188. Creating a Linked List by Inserting finally


Lesson 189. Inserting in a Sorted Linked List




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