Mathematics for Competitive Programming (Geeks For Geeks )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Mar 19, 2023

Mathematics for Competitive Programming (Geeks For Geeks )

Looking to strengthen your programming skills for competitive coding? This course offers in-depth knowledge of maths concepts like time complexities, prime numbers, factorizations, and much more. Led by industry experts at GeeksforGeeks, this course is designed for beginner to intermediate level students. Enroll now to become a pro in competitive programming!

Course Desc

Have you been wondering whether or not to start Competitive Coding since you're a piece frightened of Maths? Or on the other hand have you quite recently not tracked down the right beginning stage? Regardless, stress not Nerd cause we have you covered with this course.


Course Outline

The enlistment for this course has finished. Kindly look at: Maths For CP (C++, JAVA)


This course is planned particularly for first/second year understudies whose information might go from amateur to halfway and will reinforce their abilities. Here you will construct your programming ideas in competitive programming with the assistance of profoundly organized lecture modules. Foster star numerical abilities and figure out how to be quick. Quicker than your rivals.


What you will Learn

Time Complexities

Prime numbers and factorizations

LCM and other Numerical Standards

Catalan numbers and significantly more


Course Happy


Module 1

Realize no time like the present Intricacy, Essentials, Fibonacci and Bitmasking


Module 2

Develop information on Prime Numbers, Prime Factorization, DIvisors


Module 3

Get hands on experience with GCD and LCM, Number Hypothetical Capabilities and Math Standards


Module 4

All training on Secluded Tasks, Current Exponentiation, Binomial Ideas and Catalan Number


Module 5

Handle great information about Combinatorial Game Hypothesis

Get hands on training with Mathematical Calculations and then some


Course Teacher


Sandeep Jain

Organizer and President at GeeksforGeeks

Mr. Sandeep Jain moved on from Dr. Abdul Kalam Specialized College with a B.Tech in Software engineering and Designing. He finished his Graduate degree from IIT-Roorkee and has functioned as a full-time Programming Engineer at D.E. Shaw and Co. His enthusiasm for helping drove him to join JIIT Noida as an Associate Teacher.

He began GeeksforGeeks in 2009 as a blog, to gather assets on programming, calculations, and interview planning. He has arranged and coached the Information Designs and Calculations - Independent course on GeeksforGeeks, assisting large number of understudies with getting truly amazing jobs.



Rahul Singla

Senior Computer programmer at Arcesium

Rahul Singla is a Senior Computer programmer at Arcesium. He likewise worked at Innovaccer as SDE-1. He was an Instructor at Unacademy .He have 2 years of showing experience . He have shown large number of understudies live and assisted them with finding a decent line of work. He directed understudies of major IIT'S and NIT's to begin their coding vocation . He broke organizations like grofers and swiggy. He is an Ex-Tutor at GeeksforGeeks. His specialized topics incorporate Java, DSA, OOPS, Python, Django, Hub js, AI.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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