Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, K8s
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Apr 15, 2023

Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, K8s

Learn to build production-ready microservices using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Okta, Spring Security, CI/CD, GCP. This course covers building resilient microservices and their security using OAuth2 and Okta. Learn the role of Docker and Kubernetes in microservices and how to orchestrate microservices with them. Deploy microservices to the Google Cloud Platform and implement CI/CD pipelines. Enroll now!


What you'll Learn

What are the characteristics of microservices architecture and how do they differ from monolithic and SOA architectures?

How to use the Spring, SpringBoot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Platforms to develop production-ready microservices

Utilize KUBERNETES to manage microservices

Utilize Docker to create containers for microservices.

Spring Cloud-based configuration management for microservices How to implement the Config Server Service Discovery and Registration pattern between microservices using the Spring Eureka server

constructing resilient microservices with the RESILIENCE4J framework Using OAuth2 and Okta for security

CI/CD Pipelines Implementation for Microservices Deployment

Microservices deployment on Google Cloud Platform

Distributed tracing and log aggregation implementation in microservices unit all layers of microservices testing



  • knowledge of Java
  • You have ZERO prior knowledge of spring.
  • You are COMPLETELY NEW to Microservices.
  • You have ZERO Docker experience.
  • You have ZERO CI/CD Experience.


Do you want to learn how to use Spring Boot to build an amazing REST API? Do you want to understand the hype surrounding microservices? Do you wish to use Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to build microservices? Do you want to use Docker to build containers? Do you wish to use Kubernetes to orchestrate Microservices? Look nowhere else!


What is the difference between monolithic and SOA architectures, and what does microservices architecture entail?

How to use Spring, SpringBoot, and Spring Cloud to create microservices that are ready for deployment

Spring Cloud-based configuration management for microservices Server Configuration Service How to implement the Discovery and Registration paradigm in microservices using the Spring Eureka server

Building resilient microservices with the RESILIENCE4J framework and utilizing Spring Cloud Gateway to handle cross-cutting issues and routing within microservices

Using Spring Sleuth and Zipkin to implement distributed tracing and log aggregation in microservices

How to create Docker images and containers, and what role Docker plays in microservices

the most popular Docker commands

Kubernetes' function in microservices as a framework for container orchestration.

How to install microservices in a Kubernetes cluster and configure it up

The Kubernetes commands most frequently used

Security for microservices with OAuth2 and Okta

Unit testing in Microservices for all layers

Jenkins with CI/CD Pipeline for Microservices Deployment GCP Cloud Platform as a Cloud Provider for Microservices Deployment Using CI/CD Pipeline

The course requires a foundational understanding of Java as well as an eagerness to learn.

Who this course is for: Novice students studying the Spring framework who are also interested in learning about microservices

developers that are already familiar with utilizing the Spring framework to create web applications

Java Engineers

Shabbir Dawoodi, Instructor Senior Software Developer

232 Reviews and a 4.6 instructor rating

9,182 pupils

3 Dishes

I have a track record of success as a senior software developer who has worked in the information technology and services sector. competent in Java, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Redis, AWS, and Quarkus. I became interested in web application operation early in my career and spent a lot of time learning the underlying ideas and bits of code.

My success ladder has been climbed thanks to my curiosity.

I love to write and enjoy imparting my extensive knowledge of several subjects through tutorials and blogs.

4.6 overall grade


4.6 overall course evaluations

Rating: 1.0 out of 52 weeks for Anish R.



Speaks quickly, without providing a thorough explanation of the fundamentals or the purpose for employing it. It is exclusively for microservices and is not for the spring boot beginner course.


Rating given to Tarun a month ago: 5.0


I appreciate you very much., I began the course today, and it went well.Your teaching style is excellent! just keep going!


Loic S.

A month ago, this rating was 4.5 out of 5.


Good justifications.


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 last month for Mathew K.


Fantastic Tutorial. I learned about API Gateway and how to set it up for various microservices. and I also adored the Circuit-Breaker section.


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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