Modern React with Redux [2023 Update]
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Apr 09, 2023

Modern React with Redux [2023 Update]

Learn Modern React with Redux in 2023 with the most comprehensive and up-to-date course online. Master web technology, programming skills, and design patterns used by top companies to build massively popular web apps. Become a software engineer and build dynamic and live web apps using React, Redux, and RTK Query, with tons of custom hooks, exercises, and quizzes. Enroll now and learn from Stephen Grider, the highest rated React course author on Udemy.

What you'll Learn

  • Make dynamic web apps involving the most recent in web technology
  • Acquire the programming skills expected to get a software engineering job
  • Practice your skills with many large projects, exercises, and quizzes
  • Ace the fundamentals concepts behind React and Redux
  • Become conversant in the toolchain supporting React, including NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6/ES2015 Javascript language structure
  • Be the architect who clarifies how Redux functions for every other person, since you realize the fundamentals so well
  • Understand the force of building reusable components


A Macintosh or Windows PC


Congrats! You've viewed as the most popular, generally complete, and most exceptional resource online for learning React and Redux!

Great many different architects have learned React and Redux, and you can as well. This course utilizes a dependable, fight demonstrated strategy to ensure you see precisely how React and Redux work, and will find you another line of work functioning as a software specialist or assist you with building that application you've forever been dreaming about.

The distinction between this course and all the others: you will comprehend the design patterns utilized by top organizations to build massively popular web apps.

React is the most popular Javascript library of the most recent five years, and the job market is as yet more blazing than at any other time. Organizations large and little can't recruit engineers who comprehend React and Redux quickly enough, and pay rates for engineers are at an untouched high. It's an incredible opportunity to learn React!


What will you build?

This course includes many recordings with many custom charts to assist you with understanding how React and Redux work. No related knowledge with either is vital. Through resolute, patient clarifications and many fascinating useful models, you'll become familiar with the fundamentals of building dynamic and live web apps utilizing React.

Every theme remembered for this course is added gradually, to ensure that you have a strong groundwork of information. You'll find a lot of conversation included to assist you with seeing precisely when and where to utilize each element of React and Redux.

My assurance to you: there could be no other course online that shows more highlights of React and Redux Tool stash. This is the most exhaustive resource there is.


The following is a fractional rundown of the points you'll track down in this course:

Ace the crucial highlights of React, including JSX, state, and props

From the starting point, comprehend how to build reusable components

Plunge into the source code of Redux to comprehend how it functions in the background

Test your insight and improve your abilities with various coding exercises

Utilize popular styling libraries to build wonderful apps

See various techniques for building UI's through organization of components

Recollect this multitude of techniques with obviously composed cheatsheets


Other than React and Redux, you'll get incalculable different goodies of information, including design techniques, popular design patterns, and repeatable moves toward build new components.

This is the course I needed to take when I previously scholarly React: complete, state-of-the-art, and clear.


Who this course is for:

Developers hoping to learn React

Designers who need to outgrow simply utilizing jQuery

Engineers who have investigated React however experience experienced issues dominating a few concepts



Stephen Grider

Engineering Planner

  • 4.7 Teacher Rating
  • 415,041 Surveys
  • 1,235,158 Understudies
  • 32 Courses

Stephen Grider has been building complex Javascript front finishes for top partnerships in the San Francisco Straight Region. With a natural capacity to work on complex points, Stephen has been tutoring engineers starting their vocations in software improvement for quite a long time, and has now extended that experience onto Udemy, composing the most elevated evaluated React course. He instructs on Udemy to share the information he has acquired with other software engineers. Put resources into yourself by gaining from Stephen's distributed courses.

4.7 course rating 82K reviews

José Gabriel G.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


Stephen is exceptionally careful but then not irritating. I'm appreciative for his instructional method.



Sabrina A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior



Stephen is a conceived educator! He shows exhaustively the way that everything occurs in the engine. The course is excellent, particularly for the individuals who need to comprehend how things work rather than simply remembering the code.Thanks for this astounding substance ?

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Md Abul H.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


Gained some significant knowledge without any preparation. The teacher was great. He made is truly understood and straightforward.




Rating: 4.5 out of 5 2 months prior


Being a person leaned towards Information Designs and Algos . I was extremely new to ReactJs however accept me this isn't a course yet it appeared to me a benevolent Tech Verse educated by Stephen. Much appreciated teacher.


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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