Modern Three.js for Real Websites
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 01, 2022

Modern Three.js for Real Websites

Learn to develop a superior quality, 3D portfolio site that will put you associations in front of your opposition

What you'll learn

  • The most effective method to introduce Three js and import it into your venture
  • How cradle credits work and how to translate them inside arrays
  • The most effective method to utilize the Three js raycaster to create mouse-to-scene interactions
  • Instructions to utilize Three js direct mists toward create a system of stars
  • Instructions to cross your scene with 3D camera development
  • Instructions to resize your scene utilizing JavaScript occasion audience members
  • Instructions to alter your scene realtime utilizing a graphical UI (GUI)
  • Instructions to set up a straightforward Vite server for importing and exporting modules
  • How calculations and materials cooperate to frame networks
  • Instructions to add HTML and CSS web components to your scene
  • Instructions to send off your site to a Netlify development server
  • Instructions to incorporate your venture into a structure (Nuxt js) so you can flawlessly progress to various pages from your 3D scene


  • Fundamental JavaScript information, you ought to be know all about let, const, loops, arrays, functions, and classes


If it's not too much trouble, READ: This is a freemium course — the initial 2 1/2 hours are free (you can observe here on Udemy [or YouTube] with every video's "Review" button), while the excess 2 1/2 hours require course buy. I've forever been a major supporter of spreading the rudiments to whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances, as I accept information and self-awareness are probably the most effective ways to better our reality all in all. Appreciate.

Welcome to the Modern Three.js for Real Websites course, where you will learn how to develop an exceptional quality, 3D portfolio site that will put you associations in front of your opposition.


I am Christopher Lis, and I'm an honor winning Full-Stack Specialist with north of a decade of web development experience. I've straightforwardly worked with clients like Harvard College, The B-ball Competition, and premium honor winning offices like Daring Individuals.

The main objective of this course is to get you developing real-world, genuine Three.js websites without feeling lost or baffled. The Three.js library comprises of numerous mind boggling terms that totally bothered me when I initially began learning it, so I made this course to demystify that dialect and guide you through the development of something you can really use in a real-world situation.

Here you'll learn everything from:

  • - Three.js fundamentals
  • - Scene arrangement
  • - Programmatic geometry modifications
  • - 3D hover effects
  • - GUIs
  • - HTML and Three.js Incorporation
  • - Scene responsiveness
  • - Single page application incorporation
  • - Sending

Thus considerably more.

On the off chance that you're a JavaScript developer who needs Three.js for their next client undertaking, or you're hoping to improve your portfolio site to get a superior work, then this course is totally for you. You won't feel lost, you won't feel alone, you'll feel sure and secure while developing premium-level 3D sites for yourself as well as your group.

Who this course is for:

  • All degrees of JavaScript developers hoping to create their most memorable electronic 3D scene


Christopher Lis

Pioneer behind Chris Courses/Senior Full-Stack Specialist

  • 4.5 Teacher Rating
  • 137 Surveys
  • 1,593 Understudies
  • 4 Courses

I'm Christopher Lis, an honor winning, full-stack web developer who has turned out expertly for clients like Harvard College, The Ball Competition, and Daring Individuals (I made their site and won two Awwwards for it). I'm likewise an educator/YouTuber, and established the JavaScript learning stage, Chris Courses.

I began my showing process in 2016 when I trained fundamental web development to secondary school classes through the Young ladies Who Code program. From that point forward, I've digitized my instructing, accumulating over 50k endorsers on YouTube, and procuring more than $20k through my exclusively assembled, instructive SaaS stage called Chris Courses.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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