Multi-Style Tailwind Components ( ProTailwind )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Sep 20, 2023

Multi-Style Tailwind Components ( ProTailwind )

Enhance your UI components with multiple Tailwind-powered style variants in this hands-on workshop. Learn to create dynamic size, shape, and color variants for increased flexibility. Simplify styling using Tailwind CSS and customize your development workflow with the Tailwind IntelliSense Plugin for VS Code. Implement accessible modals with animated transitions and support async tasks. Refactor complex conditional logic into discrete states for cleaner and more maintainable code. Elevate your UI component game with Multi-Style Tailwind Components

In this workshop, you'll become familiar with the most ideal way to make and deal with multiple Tailwind-fueled style variants for your UI components.

Tailwind CSS's Just-in-Time engine doesn't uphold dynamic class names. This prompts excessively muddled conditionals and nested ternary statements that are difficult to monitor - and, surprisingly, harder to add new variants to 😭

All through this workshop, you will build and practice a repeatable cycle for identifying, refactoring, and implementing dynamic Tailwind CSS style sets.

Topics we will cover

This workshop is isolated into three areas: working with buttons, modals, and refactoring the calendar demo app from the Multi-Topic System Workshop. These segments build on each other, exploring various plots for defining and maintaining your part style variants.

Creating dynamic size, shape, and color variants for increased adaptability

Customizing the Tailwind IntelliSense Plugin for VS Code to improve your advancement work process

Implementing an async-prepared accessible Modal with configurable animated transitions

Refactoring complex restrictive rationale into discrete states

Toward the finish of this workshop, you will:

can stretch out your UI components to help multiple style variants using Tailwind CSS.

be open to defining and executing a repeatable cycle to refactor complex part styles into a cleaner, more maintainable code structure.

Workshop content

23 lessons・15 works out


Multi-Style Components Workshop Welcome


Creating Dynamic Button Variants with Tailwind CSS


Remove Normal Base Classes


Customizing the Tailwind IntelliSense Plugin for VS Code


Improve on Button Styling for Every single Imaginable Variation


Execute Size and Shape Variants


Separating Tone and Intensity Concerns


Further develop Accessibility and Usability with Headless UI


Convert a Modal to a Headless UI Discourse


Update the Modal to Help Dynamic Items


Add Multiple Modal Sizes


Execute Modal Foundation Tints


Transitioning Modals with Headless UI


Customizing Modal Slide-In Movement


Add Backing for Async Tasks in the Modal


Updating State After a Change


Work on Modal Conduct During Async Activity


Modal State Management Patterns


Calendar Style Intricacy


Distinguish Conceivable Calendar States


Porting Dynamic Styles to Explicit States


Apply Styles for a Particular State


Multi-Style Tailwind Components

Useful Links:

  1. Tailwind CSS Official Documentation
  2. Tailwind IntelliSense Plugin for VS Code
  3. VS Code
  4. Headless UI
  5. Tailwind CSS GitHub Repository
  6. Tailwind CSS Community

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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