Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 14, 2023

Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp

Learn to build a real-world RESTful API and web app using Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose with authentication, security, payments and more. Enroll in the Complete Bootcamp now and become a highly-skilled Node.js developer.


What you'll learn

  • Ace the whole current back-end stack: Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose (MongoDB JS driver)
  • Build a total, delightful and real-world application beginning to end (API and server-side delivered site)
  • Build a quick, versatile, highlight rich RESTful API (incorporates channels, sorts, pagination, and substantially more)
  • Learn how Node really functions in the background: occasion circle, impeding versus non-obstructing code, streams, modules, and so forth.
  • CRUD operations with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Profound jump into mongoose (counting every high level component)
  • The most effective method to work with data in NoSQL databases (counting geospatial data)
  • High level authentication and approval (counting secret phrase reset)
  • Security: encryption, disinfection, rate restricting, and so forth.
  • Server-side site rendering with Pug templates
  • Visa installments with Stripe
  • Sending messages and transferring documents
  • Send the last application to creation (counting a Git compressed lesson)
  • Downloadable recordings, code and plan resources for projects


  • Definitely NO comprehension of Node or back-end advancement is required! I take you from fledgling to cutting edge engineer!
  • Fundamental comprehension of JavaScript is required (the course contains a part about nonconcurrent JavaScript with guarantees and async/anticipate in the event that you really want to find a workable pace)
  • Fundamental comprehension of HTML is an or more (just for definite piece of the course), yet NOT an unquestionable necessity
  • Any PC and operating system will work — Windows, macOS or Linux


Would you like to build quick and strong back-end applications with JavaScript? Might you want to turn into a more finish and popular designer?

Then Node.js is the hot innovation for you to learn at the present time, and you came to the ideal locations to make it happen!

Welcome to the Total Node.js, Express, and MongoDB Bootcamp, your most optimized plan of attack to current back-end advancement.

This course is the ideal across the board bundle that will take you from a total novice to a high level, profoundly talented Node.js engineer.

Like all my different courses, this one is totally project-based! What's more, in addition to any project: it's a finished, lovely, and element rich application, containing both a RESTful API and a server-side delivered site. It's the most fabulous and complete undertaking that you will find in any Node.js seminar on the web!

By building this gigantic venture, you will learn every one of the abilities that you really want to plan, build, and send your own advanced back-end applications with Node.js and related innovations.

(Assuming you want to investigate the task, you can do as such at www[.]natours[.]dev. Furthermore, this is just a little piece of the venture! Sign in with "" and secret key "test1234")


In the wake of completing this course, you will:

1) Be building you own quick, adaptable, and strong Node.js RESTful APIs or web applications;

2) Really comprehend how Node.js works in the background;

3) Have the option to work with NoSQL data and model data in real-world circumstances (a gigantically significant expertise);

4) Ability present day back-end improvement works, and how every one of the various innovations fit together (difficult to comprehend from dissipated instructional exercises and recordings);

5) Have insight in expertly utilized devices and libraries like Express, Mongoose, Stripe, Sendgrid, Chart book, Compass, Git, Heroku, and some more;

6) Have fabricated a total application, which is an ideal beginning stage for your own applications later on.

Kindly note that this course isn't so much for outright web advancement fledglings, so you ought to currently be know about essential JavaScript. However, no back-end experience required!


It's a totally full-pressed, profound jump course with north of 40 hours of content!

Since this is the "Finished Node.js Bootcamp", the course is packed with lots of various innovations, procedures, and instruments, so you leave the course as a total Node.js engineer.

That is the reason the course ended up being north of 40 hours in length. In any case, assuming that sounds like a lot for you, sit back and relax, there are recordings or whole segments that you can securely skip.

Here is precisely very thing you will learn:

Basics of Node.js, center modules, and NPM (Node Bundle Administrator)

How Node.js functions in the background: occasion circle, hindering versus non-obstructing code, occasion driven architecture, streams, modules, and so on.

Basics of Express (Node.js structure): directing, middleware, sending reactions, and so on.

RESTful API plan and improvement with cutting edge highlights: separating, arranging, associating, pagination

Server-side site rendering (HTML) with Pug templates

CRUD operations with MongoDB database locally and on the Map book stage (in the cloud)

High level MongoDB: geospatial questions, total pipeline, and administrators

Essentials of Mongoose (MongoDB JS driver): Data models, CRUD operations, data approval, and middleware

High level Mongoose highlights: displaying geospatial data, populates, virtual populates, records, and so on.

Utilizing the MVC (Model-View-Regulator) architecture

The most effective method to work with data in NoSQL databases

High level data displaying: connections between data, inserting, referring to, and that's only the tip of the iceberg

Complete current authentication with JWT: client join, sign in, secret phrase reset, secure treats, and so on.

Approval (client jobs)

Security: best practices, encryption, disinfection, rate restricting, and so on.

Tolerating charge card installments with Stripe: Complete incorporation toward the back and front-end

Transferring records and picture handling

Sending messages with Mailtrap and Sendgrid

High level mistake taking care of work processes

Sending Node.js application to creation with Heroku

Git and GitHub compressed lesson

Thus considerably more!


For what reason would it be advisable for you to learn Node.js and take this course?

If you have any desire to learn Node.js and current back-end advancement, then, at that point, there is no question that this course is for you!

It's the greatest Node.js seminar on the web, it has by a long shot the most over the top total course venture, and offers the most top to bottom clarifications of all points included.

What's more, regardless of whether you definitely know some Node.js, you ought to in any case take this course, since it contains subjects that are not covered elsewhere, or not in a similar profundity!

In any case, perhaps you're not yet persuaded that Node.js really is the right innovation for you to learn at this moment?

Indeed, first, Node.js will permit you to utilize your JavaScript abilities to build applications toward the back. That itself is a tremendous increase, which makes your full-stack improvement process such a great deal more straightforward and quicker.

Additionally, notoriety and open doors for Node.js are out of this world. It's a cutting edge, demonstrated, and solid innovation, utilized by tech goliaths (and 6-figure-compensation paying-organizations) like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and some more.

Node.js really is what you ought to concentrate on, rather than obsolete innovation like PHP.

In rundown, assuming you definitely know JavaScript, learning Node is the legitimate subsequent stage for you! It will make you a superior, more flexible, and more complete engineer, which will at last lift your chances in the gig market!

Furthermore, I made this course to assist you with doing precisely that! It really is the course I wish I had when I was first learning back-end advancement with Node.js and every connected innovation.


Furthermore, this is the thing you get by joining today:

Lifetime admittance to 40+ long stretches of HD quality recordings. No month to month membership. Learn at your own speed, at whatever point you need;

Cordial and quick help in the course question and answer at whatever point you have questions or stall out;

English shut captions (not the auto-produced ones given by Udemy);

Course slides in PDF design;

Downloadable resources, starter code, and last code for each segment;

Loads of little difficulties are remembered for the recordings so you can keep tabs on your development.


Furthermore, presently, I desire to invite you as another understudy in my course! So click that "Enlist" button at the present time, and go along with me in this experience today!

However, on the off chance that you're not 100 percent sure yet, simply feel free to watch the promotion video to investigate the course project. I guarantee you will be flabbergasted :)

See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

Take this course if you have any desire to build incredibly quick and adaptable back-end applications utilizing the JavaScript abilities you as of now have. Node is the ideal instrument for you!

Take this course in the event that you're a front-end engineer hoping to go into back-end improvement utilizing the most over the top total seminar available.

Take this course assuming that you have taken other Node courses however: 1) actually don't feel certain to code real-world apps, or 2) actually feel like you want more back-end abilities. This course is ideally suited for you!

Take this course if you're an accomplished Node engineer who has any desire to add new abilities missing in different courses: How Node works in the background, high level data displaying, geospatial data, complete and get authentication, stripe installments, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Jonas Schmedtmann

Web Engineer, Originator, and Educator

  • 4.7 Educator Rating
  • 366,188 Reviews
  • 1,668,836 Students
  • 6 Courses

Greetings, I'm Jonas! I have been distinguished as one of Udemy's Top Educators and all my superior courses have acquired the top rated status for exceptional execution and understudy fulfillment.

I'm a full-stack web engineer and creator intensely for building wonderful things without any preparation. I've been building sites and apps starting around 2010 and furthermore have a Graduate degree in Science.

I found my enthusiasm for educating and helping other people by sharing all I knew when I was in school, and that energy acquired me to Udemy 2015.

Here, in the entirety of my courses, what understudies love the most is that I require some investment to make sense of each and every idea such that everybody can without much of a stretch comprehend.

Things being what they are, would you like to learn how to build amazing sites with present day HTML and CSS?

Searching for a total JavaScript course that takes you from zero to a high level engineer?

Or then again perhaps you need to build current and quick back-end applications with Node.js?

Then don't burn through your experience with arbitrary instructional exercises or deficient youtube recordings. Every one of my courses are not difficult 


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