One Stop Frontend Projects 2023
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Sep 24, 2023

One Stop Frontend Projects 2023

Master the art of real-world front-end projects with this intensive course. Build complex applications, optimize code, and gain technical credibility. Learn vanilla JavaScript and work with native web APIs. Elevate your resume with projects like Google Sheets, Web Cam, and Sketch Board. Get certified upon completion.

Take care of business in the most Escalated Frontend projects course with me. Prepare to confront numerous real world challenges and construct projects you have only longed for building to reality. Trust me, these are not all that simple (or) common projects, you're gonna get familiar with a ton of concepts 🚀 Partake in the learning!


⭐️ Motivation: Building projects can fill your resume. However, building complex projects upgrades your entire Technical credibility which will be exceptionally apparent in your Meeting adjusts with the Designing Chief.


⭐️ Ace Core Fundamentals: Concepts like Terminations, Lifting, Commitments, Async race conditions, Occasion Delegation, Occasion stages, Crude state the executives, Complex UI organizing, Microtask and Callback line..


⭐️ Figure out how to scale your projects: Optimize script fetching utilizing async/concede, code modularity and re-useability, IndexedDB for effective capacity components, dealing with async race conditions, complex UI organizing, Calculations to settle in proficient complexity..


⭐️ Why Develop projects from this course: Numerous Unicorns and Development New companies are favoring committed employing for Frontend Architects. They care more about real Frontend abilities than DSA. For that you've to be great in Frontend Designing in all perspectives. That is the thing these complex and System Design Grade Frontend projects intends to educate you.


⭐️ Effect of Projects in my vocation: This is a result of the projects I'm so essentially strong let it be javascript, web, css, state the executives. I strongly accept the projects you assemble ought to give you the confidence to break any Meetings. TBH, I didn't needed to get ready for Meetings after a specific point.


⭐️ Why this course is a worth addition: You can allude any of the courses across the Web charging even lakhs of rupees 💰, none of them offers to fabricate and show you such complex Frontend projects top to bottom like me at this price tag.


Don't wind up building Netflix Clones, Amazon Clones. It's actually not necessary to focus on extraordinary thoughts rather everything revolves around the complexity and challenges you address, the profundity and broadness of concepts you learn.


🚀 We should construct Frontend Projects at scale 🚀

Key Features

Fabricate 3 front-end serious capstone projects with me

~20 hours of most premium teaching content

Zero toy projects, zero cushion talks, only real-world app building

This course is front-end concentrated teaching you all that to construct real-world apps without any preparation

No exhausting respond projects accessible to a great extent. We decided to assemble the complex vanilla js apps.

This course follows 100 percent hands-on coding approach. Be prepared with your workstations immediately!

What's the most difficult project you've chipped away at? You have 3 presently, astounding isn't it!

What you will realize


Become the best real-world projects

Fabricate the comprehensive arrangement of real world front-end projects for your resume.


X component of One Stop projects

Make your resume technically sound. We'll fabricate highlights like Canvas rendering, Annotation, Cycle detection, DFS Formula Evaluation, Two-way binding, Blob Processing, Media Streaming.


Integrate utilizing Native Web APIs

Acquire insight in utilizing different APIs to control the functionality of your Apps. IndexedDB, Canvas, Media Gadgets, Document Peruser, DOM, Media Recorder.


Nature of One Stop projects

I actually have all of 3 projects in my resume. Reason being, these are not toy projects everyone assembles. Stand apart from the group.


Introduction to One Stop Projects

1 attachment(s) • 2.24 mins


Project 1: Google Sheets

10 attachment(s) • 11 hrs 9.28 mins


Project Review



Assemble sheets UI design


Adding two-way binding intelligence for cells


DFS based formula evaluation of cells


Cycle Detection Calculation in Coordinated Charts


Binding Detection Calculation in sheet cells


DFS way following of sheet cells



Add various sheets the board with synchronous capacity


Document Peruser Programming interface to transfer sheets, and more different highlights


Github Code

Project 2: Web Cam

5 attachment(s) • 4 hrs 9.33 mins


Project Review



Assemble WebCam UI design and MediaStream live cam feed


Canvas Programming interface to deliver feed and record utilizing MediaRecorder Programming interface


Processing Blobs of cam feed with synchronous capacity utilizing IndexedDB Programming interface


Github Code

Project 3: Sketch Board

6 attachment(s) • 3 hrs 48.07 mins


Project Review



Assemble Sketch Board UI design


Canvas Programming interface to draw realtime 2D designs


Carry out illustrations realtime and synchronous across connections utilizing, Hub, Express


Sending of Sketch Board 2.0 for realtime testing


Github Code


At the point when you complete this course you get a 'Declaration of Completion' marked and tended to personally by me.



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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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