[Ongoing Course] [Updated 0-8 weeks] Cohort Live 0-100 Complete - Harkirat Singh
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jan 25, 2024

[Ongoing Course] [Updated 0-8 weeks] Cohort Live 0-100 Complete - Harkirat Singh

Go from 0 to 100 with Harkirat Singh Live.

Learn basics to advanced MERN, Basics to advanced Devops, System design and build 3 projects through this journey


Complete 0-1 Syllabus


  1. Foundation Javascript, async nature of JS
  2. Node.js and its runtime=
  3. Databases (NoSQL/SQL)
  4. Mongo and Postgres deep dive
  5. Typescript beginner to advance
  6. Backend
  7. Backend communication protocols
  8. Express basic to advance
  9. ORMs
  10. Middlewares, routes, status codes, global catches
  11. Zod
  12. MonoRepos, turborepo
  13. Serverless Backends
  14. OpenAPI Spec
  15. Autogenerated clients
  16. Authentication using external libraries
  17. Scaling Node.js, performance benchmarks
  18. Deploying npm packages


  1. Reconcilers and Frontend frameworks
  2. React beginner to advance
  3. Internals of state, Context API
  4. State management using recoil
  5. CSS you need to know of, Flexbox, basic styling
  6. Frontend UI frameworks, Deep dive into Tailwind
  7. Containerization, Docker
  8. Next.js
  9. Custom hooks
  10. In house auth using next auth

Basic Devops

  1. Docker end to end
  2. Deploying to AWS servers
  3. Newer clouds like fly/Remix
  4. Nginx and reverse proxies


  1. GSoC Project setting up and issue solving
  2. Building Paytm/Wallet End to End


Complete 1-100 Syllabus

Advanced Backend, System Design

  1. Advanced backend communication
  2. Message queues and PubSubs
  3. Proxies, Load balancers
  4. Redis Deep dive
  5. Kafka Deep dive
  6. Common Design Patterns in JS
  7. Advanced DB concepts (Indexing, normalization)
  8. Rate limitting
  9. Captchas and DDoS protection
  10. Sharding, Replication, Resiliency
  11. Horizontal and vertical scaling
  12. Polling and websockets
  13. Grpc
  14. Capacity Estimation
  15. Load Balancers
  16. CAP Theorem
  17. Testing Node.js Apps in 2023
  18. Real time communication, basics of WebRTC

Advanced Devops

  1. Container Orchestration, Docker Swarm
  2. Kubernetes
  3. CI/CD
  4. Monitoring systems basics to advance
  5. Promhetheus, Grafana
  6. Newrelic as a paid service
  7. Serverless Deep dive
  8. AWS Constructs (EC2, S3, CDNs, LB, EKS)


  1. Zerodha end to end
  2. Zapier end to end
  3. Real world open source projects


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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