Pluralsight - Developing Docker Apps: Core Principles (2023)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Aug 01, 2023

Pluralsight - Developing Docker Apps: Core Principles (2023)

Learn the core principles for developing containerized applications with Docker in this comprehensive Pluralsight course by Nigel Brown. Gain essential techniques, best practices, and debug skills to confidently create efficient and secure software applications using a container-oriented workflow

by Nigel Brown

Docker gives the accepted standard developer experience for containerized applications. This course will show you the core principles for developing containerized applications with Docker, zeroing in on perceived best practices.


What you'll Learn

Laying out a productive environment for developing containerized applications can be precarious. In this course, Developing Docker Apps: Core Principles, you'll become familiar with the techniques that are important to find true success in developing with Docker. To begin with, you'll find how to foster inside containers to accelerate your development workflow. Then, you'll investigate a few best practices for making your containers lean and safer. At long last, you'll figure out how to debug your applications while they're running in a container. At the point when you're done with this course, you'll have what it takes and information to unhesitatingly foster software applications utilizing a container-oriented workflow.


List of chapters

Course Outline


Involving Volumes to Foster Applications in Containers


Isolating Application Assemble and Execution with Multi-stage Constructs


Best Practices for Enhancing Docker Pictures


Making Design Information Accessible to Containerized Applications


Designing Logging for Containerized Applications


Debugging Containerized Applications Utilizing an IDE


About the creator

Nigel Brown

Nigel is an IT proficient with north of 25 years of experience, acquired in specialized and the executives jobs. He began his vocation in IT Tasks, before helping to establish and driving an organization zeroed in on conveying frameworks the executives answers for a portion of the UK's biggest organizations. As of late, he has gotten back to his specialized roots, and traded the universe of restrictive software for the open source area. Nigel has an ardent interest in the contemporary area of microservices and container advancements. In... more

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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