Power BI Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery
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Harry Potter

Apr 02, 2023

Power BI Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

Learn Power BI from zero to mastery with this bootcamp. Analyze real-world datasets and build enterprise-level projects. Become a top 10% Business Intelligence Analyst using Power BI. Join the live online community classroom with ZTM alumni, mentors, TAs, and Instructors. Build BI solutions for a restaurant chain and a meal kit delivery service. Learn everything from the Power BI fundamentals and best practices to using the most advanced features Power BI has to offer.


Course outline

We promise you that this is awesome and most forward-thinking Power BI Bootcamp or course that you can find. You'll not just learn Power BI basics and fundamentals that most courses cover. You'll likewise learn progressed subjects, instruments, and deceives to transform you into a top 10% Business Intelligence Analyst!


 Become a top 10% Business Intelligence Analyst to improve your range of abilities and vocation valuable open doors

 Examine real-world datasets on fun subjects including Bigfoot and UFO sightings

 Fabricate both directed and free Power BI projects with the goal that you can try your Power BI abilities and profoundly grasp the material

 Learn Power Query's underlying graphical devices to bring data from different outer sources, clean and transform it, and burden it into Power BI

 Master the workmanship and study of Power BI Data Modeling

 Influence the M programming language to apply and alter progressed transformations that go past the usefulness incorporated into the Power Query interface

 Instructions to make and customize Power BI's most valuable visualizations

 Instructions to determine which visualizations are most fitting for a given data analysis problem

 Develop a Data Model comprising of multiple particular datasets, by recognizing and laying out fitting connections between these datasets

 Make modern metrics (KPIs) with the Power BI DAX programming language

 Make DAX code more comprehensible and maintainable utilizing whitespace, comments, and factors, in addition to utilizing measure tables to arrange your measures

 Realize the reason why Power BI is the premier analysis and representation device


What is Power BI and why learn it?

Business Intelligence, commonly alluded to as "BI", is perhaps of the quickest developing and most in-demand field in innovation.

BI is a wide term that encompasses data mining, data analysis, performance benchmarking utilizing KPIs (Key Performance Pointers), and illustrative examination.

Power BI is the business driving complete Business Intelligence arrangement ("BI in a case") from Microsoft. Tooling utilized in reality is the go.

Why? Since it combines capabilities for:

Bringing and transforming data from a wide assortment of sources, everything from text records to bookkeeping sheets to social databases

Modeling that data by forming connections between various data sources

Making powerful computations and KPIs utilizing Power BI DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), the implicit formula language

Making an interpretation of those KPIs into noteworthy intelligence utilizing a large number of extravagant visualizations

Power BI's components and their usefulness, by configuration, line up with a run of the mill BI workflow

Furthermore, its broad set-up of apparatuses, including Power BI reports, visualizations and dashboards, can decipher the aftereffects of any data analysis into outwardly compelling and meaningful introductions that will blow your crowd away.

I'm charmed... So why this Power BI Bootcamp?

There are many reasons however we'll adhere to 3 key reasons.

First... we're speculating you're a bustling individual who esteems your time? (If not, what planet do you come from...)

In the event that that sounds like you, you're perfectly located in light of the fact that this bootcamp course is centered around productivity (followed intently by having a good time). We show you all that you really want to be aware and don't throw away your energy on things you don't.

The outcome? You never need to squander your life on confounding, obsolete, incomplete Power BI instructional exercises at any point in the future.

All things being equal, you'll gain everything from the Power BI fundamentals and best practices to utilizing the most exceptional elements Power BI brings to the table for like:

High level Power Query

Power BI Dashboards for perception

The DAX programming language

... and that's just the beginning...

Across the board course.

Second... Learning alone can be hard. We've been from your perspective. Fortunately, you don't need to learn alone.

By enlisting today, you'll likewise get to join our elite live web-based community classroom to learn Power BI close by huge number of understudies who are from your point of view while be upheld by ZTM alumni, mentors, TAs and Teachers.

Third... You'll gain from someone who has as a matter of fact "strolled the walk".

Your educator Travis is an industry master that has genuine real-world experience involving Power BI and functioning as a Data Arrangements Designer on massive datasets for some of the biggest companies.

Still with us? Then lock in light of the fact that here is all that you'll learn in this Power BI Bootcamp to take you from Zero to Mastery:

The curriculum is introduced in essential structure impedes so you can fabricate your insight bit by bit.

Regardless of what your level, it's vital to make sure you have a strong comprehension of the fundamentals. So we cover those first.

Be that as it may, when you have those down, the tomfoolery really starts as we rapidly ramp up to truly utilizing the abilities you're acquiring and covering progressed subjects most courses don't cover.

Here is a part by segment breakdown:

1. POWER BI 101

Whether you're an accomplished Analyst or a complete novice, you'll be given areas of strength for an of Business Intelligence abilities including Power BI basics and best practices.

Be that as it may, the most important piece of learning is doing. That is the reason we get you involving your new abilities in this absolute first area where you'll begin building two dashboards utilizing real-world datasets.

[Guided] a Power BI dashboard imagining Bigfoot sightings in the US (this is significant business) which we'll handle together

[Independent] a Power BI dashboard picturing UFO sightings (the fear inspired notion theme is simply happenstance) which you'll keep on developing all through the course

You'll figure out how to get and transform data with Power Query, smash out essential metrics and KPIs, and make visualizations to dissect the performance of those metrics and KPIs.

We'll continue to jump further into these subjects all through the course. Yet, in the wake of completing only this one area, you'll definitely understand a thing or two with Power BI (otherwise known as... you could begin involving it in your everyday).


Next you'll find out about (and begin utilizing) the most helpful Power BI visualizations, as you keep on dealing with and develop both the Bigfoot sightings venture and UFO sightings project.

You'll not just figure out how to make and design these visualizations in Power BI, yet in addition when certain visualizations are more fitting than others and why.

Understanding the for what reason is likely the most important snippet of information this course will educate you!


While the basics of Power Query are canvassed in Power BI 101, this part will cover procedures for exploratory data analysis.

You'll likewise begin learning the M programming language that underlies all Power Query transformations.

You'll try and figure out how to make and alter progressed transformations which are past the extent of what can be accomplished with Power Query's implicit graphical apparatuses.

This part is where you'll begin chipping away at our two enterprise-level course projects:

[Guided] A Business Intelligence answer for a café network

[Independent] A Business Intelligence answer for a meal kit delivery service

These are the sort of projects that will give you the certainty to become a top 10% Power BI client and make your portfolio stick out assuming that you're hoping to apply for BI Analyst jobs.


Data modeling in Power BI permits you to characterize connections between isolated data sources with the goal that they can be combined in the same visualizations.

You'll learn both hypothesis and best practices for modeling these connections, while likewise dealing with the down to earth implementation of a functioning data model in Power BI.

You'll have the chance to manage one complete data model as you track with the course addresses, and one more as you go on with your subsequent free course project.


This is where you'll advance maybe the most powerful component of Power BI: the DAX programming language (otherwise called the DAX formula language).

What is DAX in Power BI? Might we venture to depict it as accounting sheet formulas on steroids.

You'll begin by making determined columns in your data model in view of complex rationale, and afterward progress to characterizing versatile metrics/KPIs that can be integrated into visualizations.

All through the segment, you'll gain proficiency with the important essential ideas important to really comprehend how these measures are being determined in your visualizations. That way you're consistently ready to decipher and make sense of the numbers you present.

Travis (your teacher) lets us know that the DAX language is his undisputed top choice ability you'll master in this course.

It gives essentially unlimited choices to characterizing modern metrics and KPIs, which can then be smoothly integrated into visualizations.


We're taking care of business. We accept DAX is so important and powerful that we incorporated this segment to make sure you become a DAX master.

You'll investigate progressed uses of the DAX programming language, including:

Time intelligence (for example, period-over-period comparisons, moving midpoints, and so on.)

Computing rankings or top-N estimations inside visualizations

Refactoring and optimizing your DAX code with more conventional programming strategies like comments and factors

You won't find these high level points in most Power BI courses.


This is where everything comes together.

You'll get to combine each of the past ideas you've learned, alongside some new, high level methods

Useful links realted to Power Bi:


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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