Python Django Ecommerce | Advanced Django Web App From Basic
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

Python Django Ecommerce | Advanced Django Web App From Basic

Learn advanced Django web development by building an eCommerce website. Master Django fundamentals, create custom user models, manage media files, work with products, implement cart functionality, enable search and pagination, handle variations, registration, login, user account activation, forgot password, cart checkout, orders, payment gateway integration, after order functionalities, review and rating system, my account functionalities, product gallery, Django security measures, and deploy the application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Suitable for beginner programmers, developers transitioning to Django, students, and individuals looking to improve their Django skills.


What you'll learn

  • Ace the fundamentals of Django by building Representative Catalog and a Task App
  • Make genuine eCommerce applications utilizing Python and Django Structure
  • Django Custom User Model, Class and Media Files
  • Working with Products
  • Context Processors and Product Subtleties
  • Arrangement Git and Carts Functionality
  • Add to Cart utilizing Session Keys, Augmentation/decrement/eliminate Cart Items
  • Fixing Cart Bugs and Context Processor for Cart Thing Counter
  • Paginator and Search
  • Product Variations and Variation Manager
  • Adding the Variation in Cart, Gathering Cart Thing Variations
  • Registration, Login with Token Based Verification and Message Alerts
  • User Account Activation and Activation Link Expiry
  • Forgot Password with Secure Validation Links
  • Cart Checkout, naturally allot the Cart Items to Signed in User
  • Orders and Order Number Generation
  • Payment Gateway Integration and Place Order
  • After Order Functionalities
  • Review and Rating System
  • Two Factor Checks for Submitting Reviews (Login check and Product buy check)
  • Rating Average and Review Count Calculation
  • My Account Functionalities
  • Product Gallery with Limitless Pictures
  • Django Security Measures
  • Deploying Application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EB)



Essential web advancement abilities like HTML and CSS

Fundamental information on Python


Welcome to the Venture Based Django Web Improvement Course where you will learn to create a completely included eCommerce website and update any Django-based web applications.

I planned this course, for anyone looking to learn and construct a Django-based custom web application. Toward the finish of this course, you will actually want to examine, plan, and create your own eCommerce application and convey it on the live server with the custom area name.


Ace the Essential things of Django before you jump into the custom functionalities:

This course is likewise for outright fledglings, you don't have to have any earlier information on Django. I've remembered the Django boost section for this course where you can begin from outright rudiments. You will get familiar with the fundamentals of Django by building a Representative Catalog website and a Task app, where you learn about Muck operations.

In the event that you as of now have an essential information on Django, you can securely skirt this Django boost section and begin fabricating the eCommerce project.

Notwithstanding, as an essential, the fundamental information on Python and a smidgen of html/css are expected to get everything rolling with this course.


All things considered, we'll fabricate a completely custom-highlighted eCommerce application utilizing a Python Django web structure. You will figure out how to make your own custom user model, classes and products, Carts, Increasing, Decrementing, and eliminating vehicle items, Limitless Product picture gallery, Orders, and Payments, likewise we'll make "after order functionalities" like diminishing the amount of sold products, send the order got email, clearing the cart, Order completion page as well as generating a receipt for the order. Likewise, we'll make a Review and Rating system where we'll be planning intelligent rating stars without any preparation that even permits you to rate a half-star rating. We'll be likewise creating my account functionalities for the customer who can without much of a stretch alter his profile, profile pictures, change his account password, and additionally deal with his orders.


We'll convey the app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with RDS Postgres DB and use AWS S3 Can for media capacity. Additionally, we'll configure a custom space name, set up AWS Highway 53, and introduce the Free SSL Testament given by AWS


Kindly note: The task created in this course is for the end goal of learning only. This will help you to fabricate the greater part of the custom functionalities of eCommerce website advancement. I don't guarantee that this course will be a 100 percent eCommerce solution for your live business. Additionally, this course isn't really for non-specialized entrepreneurs.

Who this course is for:

  • Novice developers who need to learn how to construct web applications utilizing Python and Django
  • Engineers with experience in other programming dialects who need to transition to Python and Django
  • Students who are keen on chasing after a vocation in web improvement or programming
  • Anyone who needs to work on their insight into Django and expand upon their current Python abilities
  • People who have some involvement in Django however need to step up their abilities by building advanced custom venture



Rathan Kumar

Full Stack Programming Designer

  • 4.6 Teacher Rating
  • 2,490 Reviews
  • 26,595 Students
  • 5 Courses

I have been customizing for more than 8 years. Begun as a PHP Engineer, then, at that point, experienced passionate feelings for Python. I have strong top to bottom information on front-end advancements like HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and so forth despite the fact that I am accomplished in back-end advancement. Django is my #1 and most cherished Web Structure.

I have generally excellent information on making amazing programming course content that impeccably suits the present place of employment market demands. Sign up for my courses and be a superior Programming Designer.

4.6 course rating 1K reviews

Anu T.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 fourteen days prior


course was fascinating however there were mistakes which I set aside long opportunity to fix yet I had the option to learn something


Dima T.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


Great so far im like 30 mins into it, perhaps I'll give it a five star toward the end, yet it seems to be there will be an issue with aws as indicated by the reviews so perhaps 4.5 stars. Edit(changed it to 5 star for extraordinary enlightening making sense of).


dd Q.

Rating: 5.0 out of 53 weeks prior


Amazing! I trust this talk will be refreshed soon.I learned a ton from this lecture.And when I posed an inquiry, it was so great, they made sense of me about my questions exhaustively. It was the most fulfilling address I've ever bought.I can trust and buy Rathan Kumer address from now on.Rathan Kumer is the best educator in my lifeThank you :)



Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


Truly cherished the course. Each section in the course is definite. Would prescribe this course to each djnago designer out there to upgrade their abilities.

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Harry Potter

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