Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners - 2023
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 21, 2022

Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners - 2023

Learn how to fabricate REST API's in Django | Hypothesis and active exhibitions


What you'll learn

  • Instructions to assemble your own REST API with Django and Python
  • The most effective method to utilize the Django Rest Framework (DRF)
  • Construct a simple CRUD API
  • Fabricate a simple Register and Login API
  • Step by step instructions to utilize one of the most popular full stack advances today
  • Necessities
  • An essential knowledge of Django is required
  • It would be useful to have an essential comprehension of the basic web innovations (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)


Welcome! I'm here to show you how to construct a simple api for your Django web application.


This course is principally intended for developers who have an essential knowledge of Django and need to learn how to construct their own special API's as per the prescribed procedures.

Assuming you have essentially front-end development abilities you'll have the option to dominate the secret language of the backend, since you will comprehend what's going on 'in the engine'. This will give you more certainty and widen how you might interpret how the front-end and back-end speak with one another.

Whether you are taking this course to comprehend the essentials of how to construct your rest api or in light of the fact that you need to make a simple application. Rest guaranteed this course is for you.


Toward the end of this course you will understand:

- Establish a virtual environment

- Initialise the DRF (Django Rest Framework)

- Make your serializer

- Make your view endpoints

- Handle POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests

- Learn how to consume your API

- Grasp quite possibly of the most mind boggling idea in back-end development

- Make a CRUD API

- Make a Register and Login API


I need to assist YOU with building your own special REST API with Python and Django.


The Python Django: Construct a Simple REST API for Beginners course has been organized in a simple and sensible request. All that has been planned from the styling to the designs and subjects covered is created with the outright obligation of care towards the understudy.


It comprises of practical active exhibits.

The course is organized in a coherent and strong manner - not simply irregular talks here there and all over the place.

It gets going extremely simple and afterward expands on step by step all through the course.

The course incorporates the full project source code.


The Python Django: Fabricate a Simple REST API for Beginners course is a profoundly practical course and permits you to apply your knowledge



Your educator:

I am Arno Pretorius. I'm a certified IT educator who has shown programming both face to face and on the web. My principal interests are instructing and innovation, so I figured the reason why not simply consolidate the best case scenario to make something genuinely astonishing and significant. Throughout the long term, I have made and sent some genuine Django-based applications, including a task entrance for college graduates and a selective informal organization.

I'm a Django developer, an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, and Developer. I have a strong fascination with all that connects with web development, Django web application security, and cloud computing.

I'm additionally an Amazon writer and have distributed books on Django web application security and essential web development.

Along these lines, how about we proceed to become conversant in Django web application security.

Trust me you are safe and sound!



This course likewise accompanies:

- 3 hours of on-request video

- Full lifetime access

- A Udemy declaration of finish

- Access on portable and television


Go along with me in this course if you have any desire to dominate the basics of learning how to fabricate a REST API with Django.

Who this course is for:

This course is for outright beginners who need to learn how to construct API's with Python and Django

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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