Renaissance - Master Data Structure, Algorithms and System Design
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Jun 25, 2023

Renaissance - Master Data Structure, Algorithms and System Design

Master the essential skills for coding interviews with Renaissance - Master Data Structure, Algorithms, and System Design course. Designed by experienced mentors from IITs, this comprehensive program offers in-depth lectures, handpicked problems, live classes, and performance-based mock interviews. Build your expertise in data structures, algorithms, system design, low-level design, and computer science fundamentals. Choose any programming language and become a brilliant software engineer. Join Programming Pathshala and unlock your potential

Become 100 percent Coding Interview Ready

Get trained by experienced mentors from IITs

600+ handpicked problems | 250+ long stretches of lectures

Code in any language of your decision

Week after week live master classes

Execution based mock interviews and referrals to top tech organizations


Designed to assist you with being a brilliant Software Engineer

Course includes

In - depth curriculum

With a demonstrated curriculum on Data Structures, Algorithms, System Design, Low Level Design and Computer Science Fundamentals in a single spot - you won't need to look elsewhere.

Subject - Shrewd Weekend Live Classes


250+ long periods of idea video lectures


600+ Handpicked Problems for Training and Appraisals


Fabricate your intuition for problem solving


Our Curriculum

Learn with a Demonstrated Curriculum to turn into

100 percent Coding Interview Ready

Our thorough curriculum covers:

Data Structures and Algorithms

System Design

Low Level Design

Fundamentals of Computer Science

With this course, we guarantee that you won't have to look elsewhere!

Module 1 - Begin With Programming

Give this module a shot in the event that you are a flat out beginner in Programming

Module 2 - Gearing Up

Arrays and Dynamic Arrays, Mathematics, Time and Space, complexities, Recursion, Backtracking.

Module 3 - Fundamental Algorithms

Searching, Sorting, Two Pointers, Bit Manipulation.

Module 4 - Fundamental Data Structures

Hashing, Stacks, Queues, Linked List, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Tries.

Module 5 - Heaps, Greedy and Dynamic Programming

Heaps, Greedy and dynamic programming

Module 6 - Computer Science Fundamentals

Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks.

Module 7 - Low Level Design

OOPS fundamentals and Clean Coding Principles, Design Principles and Testability, Design Patterns, Case Studies.

Module 8 - Graph Algorithms

Graph Algorithms, N-ary and Conventional Trees.

Module 9 - High Level Design

Understanding Web architecture and Intro to HLD ideas, Databases, Networks, Coaching and Event Driven Systems, Linux Record Systems, Case Studies .

Module 10 - Advanced Data Structure and Algorthms - 2

String Algorithms, Range Queries.

View Detailed Curriculum

Learn With

Industry experienced course instructors


Vivekanand Vivek

Vivek has shown 10,000+ students through nearby studios and online courses on Data Structures and Algorithms. He has worked at Amazon for quite a long time subsequent to graduating from IIT. He is adored by his students for his clear in-depth clarifications and capacity to make individuals think through problems.


Bharat Khanna

Bharat has worked in Pinnacle Research Capital for a considerable length of time in the wake of graduating from IIT. In view of his affection for serious coding, he is a candidate master at Codeforces and has coached many students to break a truly amazing job. He is sympathetic, patient and loves to show budding developers, who proceed to become incredible software engineers.


They did it. So can you.

Luckily, I went over Programming Pathshala on Quora and I was astonished to see amazing reviews. I went through the website and really look at the Curriculum, and additionally the expense of the course was in my financial plan and not overpriced.

Ayush Srivastava

Software Engineer at Paypal

Anything I'm today, I owe it to Programming Pathshala and their life getting updated course. I think it is essentially all we really want to fabricate problem solving skills.

Enthusiasm Vagadia

Software Engineer at Amazon

Programming Pathshala is the best course. You don't have the foggiest idea what you get until you enroll and begin preparing. It is the most Value for cash course accessible online and You're getting "Gold in the price of Silver".

Harshit Jaiswal

Software Engineer at ShareChat

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Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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