REST API - Coding for entrepreneurs
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jun 25, 2024

REST API - Coding for entrepreneurs

Pure Django API

Create a pure, vanilla, Django-based REST API with no help from third party packages.

Create a pure, vanilla, Django-based REST API with no help from third party packages.

It's true, this section is one of if the wheel isn't broken, why fix it? In other words, why learn to build a Pure Django REST API when you could use a third party package like Django Rest Framework?

Well, it's about having a deeper understanding of REST APIs through writing your own code. Once you understand how to do it in Pure Django, any third party package that's out now or in the future, will be simpler to implement. You'll also have better intuition on why those packages should or shouldn't be used.

1 - Requirements

2 - A Blank Django Project
3 - The Updates App and Model
4 - A JSON Response
5 - HttpResponse with JSON Data
6 - JSON Class Based View and JSON Response Mixin
7 - Serialize Data
8 - Managers & Methods to Produce Serialized Data
9 - The Dot Values Method
10 - Pratical API Module
11 - Pratical API Module Part 2
12 - Use the API with Python Requests
13 - Handling Errors
14 - Http Status Codes
15 - Validating Data with a Model Form
16 - Update & Delete
17 - Validate JSON
18 - Update & Delete Part 2
19 - One Endpoint to Rule the Model

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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