Salesforce Experience Cloud - Zero to Hero
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 01, 2022

Salesforce Experience Cloud - Zero to Hero

Understand Salesforce Communities group without any preparation - Build Experiences for customers like a PRO


What you'll learn

  • Make People group utilizing layouts and distribute them
  • Customize entries and locales to stick to explicit crowds
  • Arrange pages, components, themes utilizing crowd variations
  • See every single setting used to arrange Salesforce People group
  • An example project to comprehend requirements and how to set them up in Salesforce
  • The associate among Salesforce and Advanced Experiences
  • Licenses and Personas associated with utilizing Advanced Experiences


  • Albeit exact technical requirements will be kept away from, having some Salesforce Administrator ability will be useful.
  • Prior to sitting for the Salesforce Confirmed Community Cloud Expert Test, you should initially be a Salesforce Ensured Administrator if you have any desire to be guaranteed.


Toward the finish of this course, you'll have a superior comprehension of how to utilize Networks to make a particular experience for your Salesforce organization's clients, accomplices, and staff individuals.

The course will lead you through community-provided crowd focusing on, personalisation, and definitive driven highlights

We cover key parts of crowd focusing on, custom marking sets, page variations, community layouts, licensing, sharing and security, external client access, community formats, and afterward we likewise continue on toward some particular Assistance Cloud execution highlights.

We likewise discuss how Salesforce imparts information to Networks, and for what reason are networks significant for clients.

We discuss licensing cost and various licenses accessible for clients to look over.

We discuss which layouts to utilize and what are the ones accessible to look over.

We examine each and every setting in the Administration segment of the Community.

We comprehend Community Workspaces, Community Design, Community Building methods.

We discuss CMS Associate and its purposes in Salesforce

This course by and large will assist you with grasping how to arrangement networks and provide you with a smart thought of Community/Experience Cloud execution. When you complete this course, I can find out that you will actually want to begin on Experience Cloud execution projects effectively and won't confront any challenges understanding what setting to search for.

Additionally, this course will introduce in you the certainty to sit for the Experience Cloud Specialist accreditation test.


Who this course is for:

  • Anybody with Salesforce Admin experience needing to investigate another area
  • Anybody who requirements experience cloud aptitude to begin on projects
  • Anybody who needs to build networks for customers without any preparation
  • Anybody who needs to comprehend what goes behind setting up a community in Salesforce



Himanshu Maheshwari

Applications Developer Subject matter expert

    • 4.1 Educator Rating
    • 120 Audits
    • 1,758 Understudies
    • 8 Courses

Constant experience on 10+ Salesforce Executions in a range of 5 years in the SF business fluctuating from Deals Cloud, Wellbeing Cloud, Community Cloud based executions likewise including support exercises for Banking and Administrations, ETL, Information Movement and Combination.

Confirmed Salesforce Application Developer with 5 confirmations.

Knowledgeable on Lightning Quality Structure, Peak Classes and Triggers, OOTB setup

Familiar with apparatuses like Purplish blue DevOps, JIRA, Bitbucket, SourceTree, VSCode, CLI

Acquainted with Nimble strategy yet additionally acquainted with Cascade models for both oversaw and unmanaged code advancement.

Sure about my capacities and specialty. Can lead and oversee as well as contribute as a center developer to projects.

Value great work culture, progressive guides cum pioneers, representative inspiration and great open doors.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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