Sketching for UX Designers - Boost UX work with pen & paper!
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 12, 2023

Sketching for UX Designers - Boost UX work with pen & paper!

Learn how to boost your UX design workflow with sketching user interfaces, animations and storyboarding.


What you'll learn

Toward the finish of the course, you will actually want to portray user interfaces, user streams, ui animations and storyboards.

You will comprehend that you needn't bother with any artistic skills, sketching is tied in with generating and imparting ideas.

This course is additionally an incredible beginning stage for different areas of visual thinking, similar to graphic facilitation or sketchnoting.


There are no requirements important to enlist.

Whether you are an understudy, a fledgling or an old pro, further developing your sketching skills will be an incredible expansion to your workflow as a UX, UI or product designer.


You will learn how you can boost your UX, UI or product design workflow with sketching.


Last update: 25th January 2023 - 4 new records added (UI sketching and Storyboarding Genius Tips banners)

Update: sixteenth November 2019 - new talk added: 12 Advantages of Sketching for UX - a synopsis

Update: seventeenth October 2017 - new course material added: the Sketching for UX Designers Exercise manual (24-page long, loaded up with valuable sketching works out)

Update: fifth June 2017 - new segment added: a 40-minute long sketching practice movement through the different Gestalt standards.


The three principal parts are

Heating up and drawing essential shapes

Sketching User Interfaces, User Streams and UI Animations

Making Storyboards.

Not exclusively will I welcome you to draw alongside me all through the course, I will likewise give you energizing activities to foster your skills quickly.

You will actually want to involve your sketching skills in a lot more UX design or administration design techniques, as in making Sympathy Guides, User Excursion Guides and Personas.

Moreover, the course gives an extraordinary beginning stage to different areas of visual thinking, similar to graphic facilitation or sketchnoting, since in the part about Storyboarding I tell you the best way to draw individuals, areas, objects, how to communicate process, use compartments, variety and impacts, etc.

Sketching skills are perfect for any product design process, however close to applying these skills in your expert workflow, you can work on your self-awareness too for instance by sketchnoting UX talks or webcasts.

All through the course I use pen and paper, so it will not give you a total workflow to utilizing digitzier tablets for sketching, yet I accept that nearly all that I show you can be applied for sketching on a tablet, so go ahead and draw alongside me or work on sketching with a computerized device.

Sketching is incredible in light of the fact that

this method considers how our visual discernment functions - when we take a gander at pictures, we comprehend them a lot quicker than we read words;

it can uncover things we could have not seen previously, associations we have not taken note;

it empowers a shared comprehension;

it upholds the flop quick methodology;

it is a quick and modest method for generating numerous ideas.

Significant: This course isn't tied in with showing how to utilize Sketch Application by Bohemian Coding, yet about sketching user interfaces with pen and paper!

Course update log:


Refreshed on the seventeenth October 2017: new course material (exercise manual)

Refreshed on the fifth June 2017: new area

Delivered on the fifteenth April 2017

Who this course is for:

UX Designers

UI Designers

Product Designers

Administration Designers

Website specialists

Anybody who needs to work on the workflow of making computerized products (applications, sites, frameworks)

This course isn't really for you if you have any desire to learn Sketch Application by Bohemian Coding



Krisztina Szerovay

UX designer

  • 4.5 Educator Rating
  • 3,973 Reviews
  • 22,556 Students
  • 2 Courses

I'm Krisztina Szerovay, lead UX designer. I come from a group of educators and specialists, so the worth of information sharing and designing complex frameworks have forever been obvious to me.

Instructing isn't a calling for me, it is an energy, and I'm truly thankful to have the chance to reach and help students from everywhere the world. Assuming that you have any inquiries, ideas or input, if it's not too much trouble, reach me! I accept that showing itself is a continuous learning process.

Close to UX design, I additionally did lawful composition and examination. I view myself as a generalist, I generally use a multidisciplinary approach during my work, drawing an obvious conclusion to accomplish the most ideal outcome.


István Szép

Design instructor

  • 4.5 Teacher Rating
  • 6,375 Reviews
  • 44,558 Students
  • 17 Courses

         I'm a graphic designer, artist and design instructor for over 10 years. I make cunning logos and charming representations, I like to rouse, share my insight and make individuals think and snicker!

        I use Inkscape, an open source graphic design program in a large portion of my design, and I was instructing this to my students too in a school in Budapest.

I'm continually sharing information about design and life as a consultant. I educate on Udemy starting around 2014 and cooperate with a portion of my companions now, to make better courses together by sharing my web based instructing experience

        Investigating better approaches to make and sharing my insight is what I like the most - so don't hesitate for even a moment to ask, I'm here to educate!.

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  3. Visual Thinking Techniques: Discover various visual thinking techniques and how they can improve your design process.
  4. Introduction to Graphic Facilitation: Watch a video introduction to graphic facilitation and its applications in UX design.
  5. Sketchnoting for Designers: Find resources and tips on incorporating sketchnoting into your design practice.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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