Software Architecture & System Design Practical Case Studies
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Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

Software Architecture & System Design Practical Case Studies

Design Real-life Large Scale Systems, Practice Present day Software Architecture and Prepare for a System Design Interview


What you'll learn

  • Apply Industry-Proven Software Architecture Patterns
  • Turn into a Software Architect or Technical Lead at your Company
  • Practice the System Design Process for your System Design Interview
  • Design Profoundly Scalable, Fault Tolerant and Performant Systems
  • Gain Invaluable Experience Architecting Real-life, Distributed, Large Scale Systems



  • Basic Information on Software Architecture (Software Architecture and Design of Present day Large Scale Systems course or equivalent)
  • Description
  • Would you like to gain real-life encounter in present day Software Architecture and the design of Large Scale Systems?
  • Are you preparing for a System Design Interview and want to guarantee your prosperity?
  • You came to the ideal locations!
  • This course is an exceptional collection of Large Scale System Design Case Studies similar to real systems run by companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Meta, Slack, and so on.
  • In each case study, we will:
  • Start with an ambiguous, significant level necessity to design and architect a brand new, real-life system.
  • Follow a methodical, bit by bit system design process.
  • Apply Industry-Proven Software Architecture techniques and patterns effectively utilized by top tech companies.
  • Get done with software architecture diagrams, clear cut technical requirements, and API.
  • All through the course, you will practice how to design and architect complex, large-scale systems that scale to millions of clients and handle petabytes of data daily.
  • All the case studies were carefully picked to practice a great many software architecture techniques and patterns, which you can later apply to your ventures or System Design Interviews.
  • Toward the finish of the course, you will:
  • Be completely prepared for an impending System Design Interview.
  • Gain real practical involvement with designing present day, exceptionally scalable, fault-tolerant, and performant systems.
  • Have full confidence in applying the system design process to tackle any system design problem in real life.
  • This course is ideally suited for you if:
  • You already know the fundamentals of Software Architecture and want real, practical involvement with designing complex, large-scale systems from scratch
  • You want to turn into a Software Architect/Cloud Architect or a senior individual from technical staff, like a Senior/Principal Software Engineer or Technical Lead.
  • You are preparing for a System Design Interview and want to stagger your interviewer with the profundity of your software architecture information and stand out from different candidates that remembered various deceives and watched a lot of YouTube recordings.
  • So what are you waiting for? :)
  • How about we begin!



- How could this be course unique in relation to other System Design or Software Architecture courses?

Many courses are teaching the fundamental structure blocks for system design and software architecture. Be that as it may, simply realizing those building blocks isn't sufficient. Real-life large-scale systems are extremely complex, and designing them takes practice and experience. This course is all about practice and gaining that experience. So when you are faced with a real venture where you really want to apply your software architecture and system design abilities, you know exactly what to do and what process to follow.


- Does this course include coding?

No! This course is on practical software architecture and system design, which is universal and isn't attached to a particular programming language, cloud seller, or innovation stack. All through the course, you will master the important expertise of thinking on a higher-level abstraction, which is critical for outcome in your company's system design interviews and technical leadership.


- Is this course only for Software Architects?

No! This course is for software engineers on any level who aspire to accelerate their career development and practice software architecture and system design. This course is also ideal for individuals with technical leadership positions, like Senior/Rule/Staff Engineers, Technical Leads, Technical Engineering Managers, or Software Architects, to practice and work on their abilities. DevOps engineers, SREs, and QA engineers will also gain a ton of value from this course.


- Will this course cover any Cloud Computing concepts or Cloud Technologies?

Since in this course, we design and architect present day, large-scale systems, we utilize many cloud computing and distributed computing standards and patterns. Also, while this course covers no particular cloud seller or innovation, all the software architecture diagrams can easily be carried out and conveyed on any cloud merchant, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Provider (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and so on. To assist you with that, each section contains connections and assets to the relevant cloud vendors' services and cloud technologies to assist you with applying the design to the relevant innovation stack. Connections to open-source solutions are also given.

Who this course is for:

Any professional who wants to gain real-life experience in System Design and Software Architecture of Large Scale Systems

Any understudy preparing for a System Design Interview

Software engineers who aspire to become Technical Leads or Software Architects



Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture and Java Programming Expert

Professional Software Engineer | SW Architect | Instructor

  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 16,799 Reviews
  • 97,539 Students
  • 17 Courses

Michael Pogrebinsky is an accomplished software engineer and software architect.

In his professional career, he has fostered various flagship items and has chipped away at state of the art solutions and technologies for companies like Google, Intel, and many others.

He is primarily keen on real-time and high-scale software and demonstrated his technical leadership abilities working at many leading companies in their fields.

He is also programming language and innovation agnostic and his teaching strategies emphasize understanding the center fundamentals and fostering the correct way of thinking and great practices.

His passion for innovation made him a decent coach for different engineers and students, and he is eager to share his insight and experience here at Udemy.


4.7 course rating 87 reviews

Hafiz M.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 3 weeks ago


That's a great point. It would be useful to have a section on the most proficient method to approach and understand unfamiliar systems. The author appears to have no trouble in characterizing functional and non-functional requirements.


Miguel O.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks ago


A ton of value in the content of this course and very much explained scenarios and how to tackle them!


Sivaprakash S.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month ago


Awesome course as your decision of case studies cover various challenges. One thing I saw during the course is that you essentially called out the services by taking a gander at the API and everything appeared to be basic and straightforward. However, I felt a few additional options could be examined as this would be challenging when we design or carve out services from the API definitions. Also, Database decisions like NoSQL, SQL, ... (absent a lot of discussion), are made. It would have been stunningly better assuming that it was explained why such decisions are made for each help.


Viktor B.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 a month ago


This course is exactly what it says in the title and I preferred the utilization of examples to show what questions to ask while gathering requirements, and what sort of solutions the teacher could imagine to address them. The only area I could see for development is an explanation near the start of a portion of the design patterns utilized (CQRS especially, as it's alluded to multiple times in the course). However, a few patterns were explained in the latter talks.

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