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Jul 01, 2023

SvelteKit Full Course (

Learn how to build awesome full-stack apps with SvelteKit in this comprehensive course. Master server-side rendering, SEO, data fetching, and authentication using SvelteKit and Firebase. Enroll now for lifetime access to the course and become a certified FKIT stack expert


Tech Stack

  • Svelte
  • Typescript
  • Firebase


SvelteKit - The Full Course is a hands-on instructional exercise where you will build a total web app with SvelteKit and Firebase - the purported FKIT stack.


What will I Learn?

👨‍ğŸŽ¤ Everything you should be productive with SvelteKit

⚡ Fundamental Svelte topics explained in 100 seconds

💪 Server-side rendering, SEO, data fetching, and caching

🍪 Cookie-based user authentication

💥 Build complex forms with SvelteKit Actions

🦋 Intergrate Tailwind and DaisyUI with SvelteKit

🤏 Fullstack Drag-and-drop without any preparation

🔥 Instructions to rapidly send complex elements with Firebase

🤔 Examination of potential design choices and their tradeoffs

ğŸŽ¨ Svelte animations with genuine data

ğŸ’Ž Deploy SvelteKit with serverless capabilities

🦄 What will I build?

You will build a Social Link Sharing Platform inspired by 🌴 Linktree where users can distribute and alter a profile for their social media links. The objective of this project is to use SvelteKits' rendering capacities with various user authentication and data fetching examples. Toward the finish of the course, you will be a certified FKIT stack expert.

🚀 Give it a shot!

Visit the demo app and give it a test drive before you enroll. It includes cookie-based auth, an animated multistep sign-in form, drag-and-drop data changes, and more:


🤔 Is this Course Appropriate for Me?

This course is intermediate level 🟦 and anticipates a few knowledge of JavaScript and web development. The substance is quick moving and like my style on YouTube, however undeniably more top to bottom and ought to be followed in a linear format.

When was the course last updated?

Updated June 27th, 2023 Svelte 4.0 Firebase 9+

How would I enroll?

The initial not many recordings are free, so give it attempt. At the point when you arrive at a paid module, you will be approached to pay for a single course or move up to PRO.

The most effective method to Enroll

purchase this course for $20.

Lifetime access for a blazingly low price

Or then again

Move up to PRO

Open all Fireship content && extra advantages



01 Svelte in 100 Seconds

Become familiar with the nuts and bolts of Svelte rapidly


02 Create a SvelteKit App

Setup a fundamental SvelteKit project


03 SvelteKit Devtools

Fundamental devtools and Versus Code plugins


04 Routing

How file framework routing functions


05 Data Fetching

Step by step instructions to get data from the backend


06 Navigation

Step by step instructions to link between pages


07 Rendering and Caching

SvelteKit rendering methodologies explained


08 API Routes

SvelteKit rendering methodologies explained


09 Actions

Handle form entries with Actions


10 App Tour

Significant level outline of the demo app


11 Firebase Client Setup

Setup the Firebase JS SDK in SvelteKit


12 Firebase Admin Setup

Setup the Firebase Admin SDK in SvelteKit


13 Tailwind + DaisyUI

Add Tailwind and DaisyUI for styling


14 Multi-step Forms

Use SvelteKit designs to build multi-step forms


15 Animated Routes

The most effective method to vitalize course changes in SvelteKit


16 OAuth SignIn

Essential SignIn with Google


17 Auth Store

Access the ongoing user with Svelte stores


18 AuthCheck Component

Show and conceal content for the authenticated user


19 Custom Usernames

Carry out custom usernames with Firestore


20 Atomic Writes

Compose multiple archives to Firestore atomically


21 Form Validation

Utilize receptive announcements for form validation


22 Realtime Store

Build a custom Svelte store for realtime data


23 File Uploads

Allow users to transfer a profile photograph


24 SEO Pages

General data fetching for SEO agreeable pages


25 Create Links

Create new profile links


26 Sortable Drag and Drop

Create a sortable rundown synchronized to Firestore


27 Cookie-based Auth

Authenticate users on the server with Firebase


28 Verify Cookies

Authenticate users on the server with Firebase


29 SvelteKit Hooks

Use hooks to add middleware to SvelteKit


30 More Actions

Use actions to refresh user data and handle mistakes


31 Deployment

Deploy SvelteKit to Firebase Cloud Capabilities


Useful Links:

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Harry Potter

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