System Design for Interviews and Beyond (LeetCode)
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Harry Potter

Jun 21, 2023

System Design for Interviews and Beyond (LeetCode)

Master system design concepts and ace your interviews with the System Design for Interviews and Beyond course by LeetCode. Learn best practices, explore real design problems, and develop a comprehensive understanding of system design. Limited-time discount available.


In this video-based course, we will take you on an excursion to get familiar with the key concepts of system design. Dominating the key design concepts is the best method for learning system design. It's additionally the best method for planning for system design interviews.Every system is special, and the bigger and more intricate the system, the further it is from regular design draws near. Nonetheless, in a system design interview, you are not supposed to know every one of the extraordinary subtleties of a system. Rather, you are supposed to exhibit your insight and understanding of generally utilized system design concepts and best practices. Hence, our attention on this course is to reinforce your understanding of habitually utilized system design concepts and to show how to apply them to tackle problems.In expansion to the information and understanding of system design concepts, this course will show you the thought process behind system design. We will examine the inquiries you ought to pose to yourself while designing a system and how to assess accessible choices. This part is the reason the course stands out from other system design courses. Realizing the thought process is vital for your progress in system design interviews and will assist you with prevailing in your engineering career.By the finish of the cource, you'll have an extensive understanding of system design concepts, tools, and thought processes. You will be outfitted with the information and abilities important to prevail in system design interviews.


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What does this course give?

70+ lessons covering well known and significant system design concepts.

8+ long stretches of arranged and drawing in video content.

Genuine interview design problems with bit by bit walkthroughs.

Point by point explanations to assist you with beginning talking and thinking in the language of system design.

Prepared to-involve blueprints for how to move toward system design problems in interviews and, all things considered.

In this course, we design a messaging system to show the concepts. Beginning with the essentials, we will slowly develop the system all through the course, present and investigate different design concepts that address the characterized problems, profound jump into the subtleties of each and every idea and examine compromises. Then proceed with the process again and again. By following the process, you will understand the concepts and figure out how they apply concepts to genuine cases.

The messaging system is an ideal guide to get familiar with the system design concepts. Messaging systems are utilized as building blocks for some distributed systems nowadays. Different more modest parts of a distributed system speak with one another utilizing a messaging system. Systems themselves converse with one another utilizing messaging systems. Which makes messaging systems assume a basic part in system design. You'll figure out how to fabricate a reliable, scalable, secure, fast, easy-to-maintain, and low-dollar-cost system in the course. Then apply information to building other distributed systems.

You won't be restricted to the design principles utilized simply in messaging systems. While taking a gander at a particular design idea, we will go beyond how messaging systems use it. With the goal that you can see important instances of how this and comparative concepts are utilized in different systems.

Who is this course for?

The course is especially valuable for engineers focusing on middle and senior-level positions. It is designed to help experts associated with system design, including software engineers, site reliability engineers, software engineering managers, and product managers. Whether you're straightforwardly engaged with the system design process or effectively partake in design reviews, this course will furnish you with significant information and abilities that assist you with being good to go for system design inquiries during onsite interviews.

Who is the instructor

This course is a work by Mikhail Smarshchok with the cooperation of the LeetCode team. Mikhail is a staff software engineer intensely for picking up, instructing, and mentoring. Having more than 15 years of industry experience, most recent 9 years he has dealt with building scalable, profoundly accessible, and low idleness distributed systems.

Below is a message to LeetCode perusers from Mikhail

For quite a while, I have considered what is the best method for learning system design. While there are numerous superb assets for learning individual concepts, few give a holistic view of how to design systems. And even after you've contributed a ton of time and acquired a ton of information, it's still difficult to foster true system design thinking. Thinking that helps answer questions like: where to begin my design; where to go straightaway; how to break this enormous dark issue into sub-problems that I know how to settle; and regardless of whether I know the response, could I at any point make a ballpark estimation? Thus, together with the LeetCode team, we made it our central goal to make a course that can help fabricate and further develop system design thinking. And after two years, you can see the consequence of this work.

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Harry Potter

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