The Complete Strapi Course - with plugins and deployment
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 11, 2022

The Complete Strapi Course - with plugins and deployment

The main Strapi v4 course you'll at any point require! From the essentials to building a full app, a module and creation deployment!

What you'll learn

  • Ace the Strapi 4, the main headless CMS, from the rudiments to cutting edge abilities
  • Make a complete Strapi application, with custom highlights and a full module
  • Learn Strapi essentials: content sorts, relations, components, dynamic zones, and that's just the beginning
  • Modify the Strapi REST Programming interface with custom routes, controllers, administrations, and so forth.
  • Modify the Strapi GraphQL Programming interface with custom tasks
  • Connect with your app by means of Strapi's REST and GraphQL Programming interface
  • Learn Strapi plugins improvement by making a full module (admin UI included)
  • Convey Strapi with 2 unique designs and CI/CD pipeline




  • Fundamental information on Javascript is sufficient
  • For the Strapi Plugins segment (just the admin UI section), a fundamental information on React is helpful


The conclusive course to learn Strapi v4 from the rudiments to cutting edge utilization!


Why Strapi and why this course?

This course is ideal for anybody that needs to add Strapi to their designer tool compartment, being it the most well known headless CMS on the lookout (nevertheless developing!), which consolidates high level out-of-the-crate highlights areas of strength for with and extensibility.


Construct and convey a complete Strapi app, in addition to a complete module!

In this course I will drive you from the exceptionally fundamental ideas to building, tweaking and deploying a complete Strapi application.

The application we'll make incorporates highlights worked by broadening the Strapi center by means of custom rationale (routes, controllers, GraphQL resolvers, and so forth.). Moreover, in this course you'll be fostering a complete module (admin + server code), that is fit to be distributed on the Strapi Market (and as a matter of fact you will track down it there now!).

Allow me to say that the Strapi Module segment is a course in the course, and it will give you the abilities to propose Strapi plugins to clients, both through the infant Strapi market (that has high development potential) and straightforwardly.


Course points list

  • Here are the principal subjects you will learn:
  • Working with content: content sorts, fields, relations, components, dynamic zones
  • Approval and authentication framework
  • Working with the REST Programming interface
  • Working with the GraphQL Programming interface
  • Broadening Strapi center: custom routes, controllers, administrations, policies, middleware
  • Expanding the GraphQL module
  • Modifying the Admin Panel
  • Making a complete module (server and admin included), prepared for the Strapi commercial center
  • Deploying Strapi underway


What you'll have the option to do a short time later

Toward the finish of this course, you will feel enabled as you'll dominate a structure that emphatically accelerates time to showcase in creating creation prepared backend applications, while not sacrificing extensibility to adjust it to unending use cases and business necessities!



The Strapi name and logo are property of Strapi Solutions SAS and are shown, as well as parts of the Strapi application, for instructive purposes. This course is distributed freely, with no association with Strapi Solutions SAS.

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever focuses on completely dominating the n. 1 headless CMS on the lookout
  • Front-end engineers who see in Strapi the most ideal way to embrace full-stack improvement
  • Back-end engineers who see in Strapi the most efficient and adaptable advancement system


Artcoded Foundation

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Artcoded is a spot to learn full-stack Javascript and Typescript abilities. We feel coding is the most effective way to engage yourself as a maker, at last to rejuvenate thoughts. We show coding in a substantial, project-situated way, by focusing on a mono-language stack that a solo-designer can oversee as a limited business.


4.7 course Rating 86 Reviews


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - 3 weeks prior

Exceptionally instructive and instructor really does great job to make sense of each interaction


Thierry D.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 - a month prior

Wonderful profound jump into Strapi that explains a ton how it functions, especially the distinctions between every one of the layers (controllers, administrations, etc.)Gabriele is a brillant educator and gives extraordinary bits of knowledge and techniques.Highly suggested !

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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