The System Design Masterclass ( Arpit Bhayani )
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Nov 29, 2022

The System Design Masterclass ( Arpit Bhayani )


A masterclass that helps you become perfect at designing scalable, issue lenient, and exceptionally available systems.

★ Lifetime access to each system we at any point discuss

By purchasing this course, you will get lifetime access to for the most part, every system we at any point discussed in the past cohorts or will at any point discuss later on cohorts.

August 2022 Cohort

8 weeks course • 9 seats remaining

Starts sixth August, 2022

9:00 to 11:30 am IST on Saturdays and Sundays

During the live sessions, you will gain the instinct behind building scalable systems from Arpit. You will also be communicating with the whole cohort and gaining from their experiences.

Learn at your own speed

40+ hours

16 session recordings

~28 questions covered

You will gain admittance to the recordings of the finished sessions from the April 2022 cohort; so that you marathon watch rapidly and set yourself up for the current task.

The Program

This is a prime and halfway level cohort-based course pointed toward giving an exclusive and crisp growth opportunity. The program will cover most of the topics under System Design and Software Architecture including yet not restricted to - Architecting Social Networks, Building Storage Engines and, Designing High Throughput Systems.

The program will have a mix of Live Classes occurring on Weekends, 1:1 Mentorship sessions, and self-assignments. The program is designed to be intense and crisp to speed up learning.

Program pre-requisites

The course operates at a middle of the road level and you would receive 100x worth in return if

You have somewhere around 6 months of work insight

You are interested in figuring out how genuine systems are assembled

Have watched basically a couple of System Design videos on YouTube

You have a basic information on cloud offerings like S3 and SQS

Have several months of time over weekends that you can commit towards upskilling

I have made this playlist of videos that would give you a decent headstart for this course. Go ahead and go down the dark hole and investigate exhaustively the tech referenced in the playlist.


Why a cohort based course?




A cohort is a small group of students who work through an educational program together to accomplish the same learning objective.

Small and Focussed Group

Every cohort will have close to ~70 individuals ensuring you have a more extravagant opportunity for growth.

Flourish Together

Not at all like MOOCs where the data stream is unidirectional, the cohort here will flourish with interactions and collaborations.

Discuss and Learn

Learning happens when we discuss, and subsequently everybody is urged to speak, set forth opinions, and discuss.

For what reason should you join?

The essential target of this program is to make you agreeable at building systems that are scalable, shortcoming open minded, and solid. However, this is the very thing you could harvest out of it.

Design systems like a star

The course will make you agreeable at designing any system, regardless of how stringent the requirements are.

Know the unknowns

Become familiar with some of the most interesting concepts, super-cunning algorithms, and sophisticated architectures. You will undoubtedly have mind-blown moments.

1:1 Mentorship

At the point when in a predicament about a building decision, designing challenges, profession counsel, or general mentorship, get your doubts cleared during your 1:1s with Arpit.

Break the meeting

Be it FAANG or your fantasy startup, you would be at ease while designing systems in the meeting round.

Upskill and step up

Become familiar with the designing paradigms and upskill yourself to speed up your vocation development and stand out.

Network and Community

Perhaps the most interesting important point will be your new network, friends, and a great deal of memories.

Building Foundation

Week 1

The first week is tied in with learning the full scale and miniature components of System Design.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Step by step instructions to move toward System Design
  2. Designing Online/Offline pointer
  3. Scaling and Caching strategy for Blog
  4. Designation and Async Processing
  5. Supporting million simultaneous users
  6. Designing correspondence worldview


Week 2

This week, we learn everything about databases, from SQL to NoSQL to Embedded, figure out how to scale them.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. SQL Transactions
  2. Database Indexes and Locking
  3. Designing Airline Check-in System
  4. Designing SQL upheld KV Store
  5. Scaling social databases
  6. NoSQL databases: when, where and why?
  7. Designing: Slack's Realtime Communication

Going Distributed

Week 3

The third week will be tied in with understanding Distributed Systems and the challenges that come while building them.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Key to a decent distributed system
  2. Designing Load Balancers
  3. Remote and distributed locks
  4. Designing ID Generators
  5. Open QnA and Doubt Resolution

Building Social Networks

Week 4

This is the point at which we start displaying and constructing genuine systems, and we start with Social Networks.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Day 0 Tech Stack
  2. Designing Image uploader service
  3. Designing HashTag extractor service
  4. Designing Message Indicators, and 4 more

Building Storages

Week 5

This week will be tied in with building transient, persistent, solid and strong storage engines.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Designing Distributed Caches
  2. Designing Multi-Tiered Storage New
  3. Designing a Word Dictionary
  4. Designing Log-Structured KV Store


Assembling High Throughput Systems

Week 6

This week, we step up and assemble systems that are intensely simultaneous and expected to deliver exceptionally high throughput.


▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Designing S3
  2. Designing Cost Efficient Orders Service New
  3. Designing LSM Trees
  4. Designing Video Processing Pipeline


IR Systems and Adhoc Designs

Week 7

This week is tied in with understanding Information Retrieval Systems and discuss some interesting adhoc systems.

▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Designing Search Engines
  2. Designing Recent Searches System
  3. Distributed Task Scheduler
  4. Designing Message Brokers like SQS
  5. Designing Flash Sale
  6. Designing Cricbuzz's Text Commentary


Building Algorithmic Systems

Week 8

The last week will be tied in with investigating systems that are driven by a super-sharp calculation.


▼ Topics and agenda

  1. Calculation behind File Sync
  2. Calculation behind Tinder
  3. Designing User Affinity Service


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