The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert
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Harry Potter

Apr 05, 2023

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp helps you go from a SQL beginner to an expert. The course covers creating your own database, generating reports, analyzing real-world data, and much more. Learn SQL to answer complex business problems, generate reports using data, and integrate MySQL into complete applications. Enroll today with Colt Steele, a top-rated developer and bootcamp instructor.

JUST Totally Revamped! Ace SQL, Work With Complex Databases, Construct Reports, and that's just the beginning!


What you'll learn

Create your own database or collaborate with existing databases

Compose complex SQL join queries across various tables

Ace MySQL 8 Window Functions (LEAD, Slack, RANK, and so on.)

Model real-world information and create reports utilizing SQL

Answer company performance or deals questions utilizing information

Learns the ins and out of MySQL 8.x syntax



No Database, SQL, or MySQL experience required! Complete beginners to MySQL are gladly received.

All you really want is a functioning PC for this course; PC, Macintosh, and Linux clients are gladly received.

No past programming language experience required, yet it won't do any harm :)


This course was simply totally revamped and modified from the beginning, with north of 325 pristine recordings recorded. The course presently utilizes MySQL 8.x and covers new subjects including: Window Functions, Views, and SQL modes.

To learn how to acquire experiences from information yet are excessively scared by databases to know where to begin, then this course is for you. This course is a delicate yet exhaustive prologue to MySQL, perhaps of the most exceptionally popular expertise in the business area today.

Whether you work in deals or advertising, you run your own company, or you need to construct your own applications, dominating MySQL is significant to answering complex business problems and questions utilizing bits of knowledge from information. A definitive MySQL Bootcamp acquaints you with a strong groundwork in databases in a way that is both useful and locking in. Indeed, believe it or not, making a connecting seminar on databases is conceivable.

In this course, you will:

Learn the intricate details of SQL syntax

Create reports utilizing deals and client information

Dissect information utilizing Aggregate Functions

Run complex queries utilizing MySQL logical operators and string functions

Compose all the normal SQL joins

Work with enormous datasets containing huge number of passages

Plan and carry out complex database schemas

Learn to explore the tricky world of storing dates and times

Clone the database design of a photograph sharing informal organization

Work with MySQL 8.x Window Functions: RANK, LEAD, Slack, NTILE, and so on.

Create MySQL database views and virtual tables

This course is additionally packed with exercises, challenges, projects, and valuable open doors for you to rehearse what you're learning. Apply what you're learning to real-world challenges like tracking down a site's power clients, computing your top understudies, distinguishing bots on a site, or figuring out which hashtags produce the most footing on a site. En route, you'll likewise get to meet my pet feline, Blue! (She's really adorable.)

Why Learn MySQL

Reliably positioned the most popular expertise in late business overviews, SQL is a phenomenal method for expanding your pay and lift your expert turn of events. Such countless organizations today use MySQL, including Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Github, Kickstarter, Udemy, Slack, and numerous others. Uncertain about the contrast among SQL and MySQL? MySQL is the most well known open source SQL database out there, so it's an extraordinary decision to start your learning process. We'll ramble more about the contrast among SQL and MySQL in the course, however 95% of what you learn about MySQL in this course will apply to different databases like Postgres, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Why This Course Is Unique

This won't be a course where you watch me code for 20 hours; it's a course with enough of a chance for you to take care of business composing code (even inside the initial 7 minutes of the course).

My showing experience is established in the homeroom. I've gone through years showing programming, web advancement, and databases to my in-person bootcamp understudies. This course joins the best of my disconnected courses with the comfort of learning on the web, in a setting that is best for you.

After finishing this tasks, you'll have the option to collaborate with and query any SQL database out there. You'll likewise have the option to produce reports easily, answer company performance questions utilizing information, and integrate MySQL into complete applications.

So let's get it done! Enlist today and begin learning SQL!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with any interest at all in learning SQL to assist with their present place of employment or to track down another job. SQL is quite possibly of the present most sought after expertise
  • Anybody hoping to answer complex business problems and create reports utilizing information
  • Business proprietors, individuals in deals, or individuals in advertising jobs who are keen on understanding company information better.
  • Engineers who are hoping to fabricate applications (for example informal organization, internet business webpage) utilizing MySQL



Colt Steele

Designer and Bootcamp Instructor

  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 454,737 Reviews
  • 1,468,311 Understudies
  • 23 Courses

Hello there! I'm Colt. I'm a designer with a serious love for educating. I've gone through the most recent couple of years training individuals to program at 2 distinct vivid bootcamps where I've assisted many individuals with becoming web designers and completely change them. My alumni work at organizations like Google, Salesforce, and Square.

Most as of late, I drove Electrify's SF's half year vivid program as Lead Instructor and Educational plan Chief. Subsequent to moving on from my group, 94% of my understudies proceeded to get full-time designer jobs. I likewise worked at Udacity as a Senior Course Designer in the web advancement group where I got to arrive at great many understudies everyday.

I've since zeroed in my experience on bringing my homeroom instructing experience to a web-based climate. In 2016 I sent off my Internet Engineer Bootcamp course, which has since proceeded to become one of the most outstanding selling and first class seminars on Udemy. I was additionally casted a ballot Udemy's Best New Instructor of 2016.

I've gone through years sorting out the "recipe" to showing specialized abilities in a study hall climate, and I'm really eager to at last impart my expertise to you. I can unhesitatingly say that my web-based courses are in actuality the most thorough ones available.

Join me on this insane experience!


4.6 course evaluating 80K reviews

Catalina K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 days prior


The course is great! I partook free clarification and bit by bit educating from Colt. There are a few courses two times, which need to overlook from part 20 to section 34, then, at that point, part 35 beginnings again with new satisfied. Something like this made me befuddled, however irrefutably incredible educating, I might want to give it five stars.很棒的教學! 有時候聽不太懂能靠翻譯輔助。章節二十到章節三十四是重複的,剛開始有點困惑... 不影響學習。自動翻譯不盡然對,但足夠了,上完會豁然開朗,資料庫沒這麼難

Show more



divesh A.

Rating: 4.0 out of 52 weeks prior



I love the course. It has assisted me with learning numerous hard subjects for me to freely learn. Much thanks to you for this lovely course.



Roman Y.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 weeks prior



I prescribe this course to everyone!The clarification is generally excellent and the exercises are very effective!It most certainly is one of the most mind-blowing courses!Thanks a great deal Steele for your work!



Abraha Tesfay K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a month prior


Amazing, what a staggering course! I am so happy I chose to take it. This course was precisely exact thing I expected to take my abilities to a higher level. The material was efficient and simple to follow, and the instructor did a superb


Useful Links:

  1. Official Course Website:
  2. Colt Steele's Website:
  3. MySQL Documentation:


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