The Ultimate React Course 2023: React, Redux & More
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jun 10, 2023

The Ultimate React Course 2023: React, Redux & More

Master modern React from scratch to become an advanced, confident, and job-ready developer. This ultimate React course covers React, Redux, Context API, React Query, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind, and advanced patterns. Build real-world projects and learn important concepts such as state management, performance optimization, and advanced React features. Join over 1,500,000 happy students and start your journey today!


What you'll learn

  • Turn into an advanced, confident, and modern React developer from scratch
  • Build 8+ lovely projects, including one Enormous professional real-world app
  • Become job-ready by working with libraries and tools utilized in professional projects
  • Join my other 1,500,000+ happy students on this excursion
  • Have a similar outlook as a senior React engineer with advanced plan patterns
  • React fundamentals: components, JSX, props, events, state, forms
  • State management: pondering state, where to put, neighborhood versus worldwide, UI versus remote
  • Build reusable, composable, and versatile components
  • Ace the confounding yet significant useEffect hook for the last time
  • Build numerous custom hooks, reusable in your future projects
  • Build single-page applications with React Router (counting v6.4+ with information stacking)
  • Performance optimization with memo, useMemo, useCallback, and code splitting
  • Advanced React features: useReducer, Context API, cloneElement, portals, and so on.
  • Advanced state management with Redux, Redux Toolkit, Thuds, React Query
  • Build real-world app features: authentication, information sorting, filtering and pagination, dark mode, charts, and so on.
  • Comprehend how React really works in the background: virtual DOM, reconciliation, fiber tree, key prop, and so on.
  • Style your apps with Tailwind CSS, CSS Modules, Styled Components (CSS-in-JS)
  • Practice your skills with many challenges, exercises, and practice projects



  • NO React experience essential! I take you from beginner to master!
  • Essential comprehension of JavaScript is required (this course contains a fast JavaScript survey segment)
  • Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux


*** Just sent off in June 2023! ***

*** Take this course subsequent to taking my #1 smash hit JavaScript course (750,000+ students) ***


In 2023, React is as yet the #1 skill to learn to turn into a fruitful front-end developer!

In any case, it tends to be hard. There are such countless moving parts, such countless various libraries, such countless instructional exercises out there.

That is the reason you came here... Also, you came to the perfect locations! This is THE ultimate React course for 2023 and then some.

A training weighty approach to dominate React by building cleaned apps, backed up by charts, theory, and looks in the engine of React.

The across the board bundle that takes you from zero to genuinely understanding React and building modern, strong, and professional web applications.

Real projects. Real explanations. Real React.


[01] Why would that be the right React course for you?

This is the most inside and out React course on Udemy, and it's essentially not the same as the wide range of various ones.

Here's the reason:

Contains the greatest and most professional venture, where we execute numerous normal app features (see promo video!)

Super definite explanations of exceptionally significant ideas with painstakingly created and vivified outlines

A tremendous spotlight "on the most proficient method to think in React" and modern prescribed procedures

A long segment that investigates how React really works in the background will give you the confidence to utilize React successfully all alone

Advanced plan patterns like compound components will make you have a similar outlook as a senior React engineer

What's more, these are only the highlights! Look at the full rundown underneath (+ the promo video and curriculum).

Likewise, beyond a shadow of a doubt: "React course" really signifies "Front-end improvement with React and modern libraries course".

Believe it or not, other than the React library itself, you will learn and dominate them all: React Router, Redux, Redux Toolkit, React Query, React Hook Form, Styled Components, Tailwind CSS, and that's just the beginning.

This is the means by which we plan, build, and deploy professional projects! We even use industry-standard tools like Supabase (completely fledged back-end), GitHub, Netlify, and Vercel.

As you expect, this course is 100 percent project-based. So all through the course, you'll begin building your portfolio of 8+ lovely and excellent React apps, where every one will feature a couple of the new skills you will learn.

Toward the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge and confidence that you want to pro your job interviews and become the professional React developer that organizations are searching for.


[02] For what reason am I the right React teacher for you?

I go by Jonas, I'm an experienced web developer and designer, and one of Udemy's top instructors. I've been teaching web advancement courses beginning around 2015 to more than 1,500,000 developers, so I know precisely the way that students learn and what is expected to dominate any subject.

In view of this, I planned the best curriculum for this course: an extraordinary blend of real-world projects, profound explanations, and theory lectures, to transform you into a confident React developer in only half a month.


Ready to turn into a confident and independent React developer, exceptionally fit for building your own apps? Then, at that point, stand by no more extended, and begin your React venture today!


[03] Still not certain? Here are the nerdy details of what we'll cover:

React fundamentals [why we even need React, components, JSX, props, events, forms, state, props versus state]

Step by step instructions to ponder state [where to put state, rules, lifting state up, nearby versus worldwide state, UI versus remote state]

Instructions to contemplate components [how to divide components, props as API, how to build reusable and composable components, the kids prop]

Profound plunge into effects and useEffect [data bringing, lifecycle versus synchronization, when to utilize effects, effects versus occasion handlers]

Profound jump into hooks [rules of hooks, how hooks work, useRef, building super-reusable custom hooks]

Performance optimization [wasted renders, memoization with memo, useMemo, and useCallback, enhancing Context API, code splitting + Suspense]

Advanced state management [useReducer hook, the Context API, Redux, Redux Toolkit, Thuds, React Query]

Building Single-Page Applications (SPA) [Vite, directing with React Router, URL boundaries and query strings for state management, information loaders and activities (v6.4+)]

Building real-world features found in numerous apps [authentication and approval, information sorting, filtering and pagination, dark mode, dashboard with charts, etc.]

Making your own back-end with a DB and API utilizing Supabase [gain the ability to build full-stack apps on your own!]

The most effective method to style React apps [Tailwind CSS, CSS Modules, and Styled Components (CSS-in-JS)]

Advanced React patterns utilized by senior developers [render props, higher-request components, compound components (to build a modular, a context menu, and more)]

How React works in the background [rendering, virtual DOM, reconciliation, fiber tree, key prop, events, state bunching, etc.]


[04] By signing up today, you'll likewise get:

Up-to-date HD-quality videos, that are not difficult to look and reference (extraordinary for Udemy Business learners)

Downloadable slides PDF for 60+ theory videos (not exhausting, I guarantee!)

Professional English captions (not auto-created)

Downloadable assets and starter and last code for each undertaking

Free and quick support in the course question and answer session

10+ challenges and exercises to rehearse your skills (arrangements included)

Who this course is for:

You recently got done with learning JavaScript and are searching for your following stage!

You need to genuinely dominate React advancement, including normal libraries expected to build real-world apps: React Router, Redux, React Query, React Hooks Form, and numerous others

You have been learning React, yet 1) actually don't comprehend React, or 2) actually don't feel confident to build professional React apps

You have been building React apps, yet are as yet missing the advanced stuff: useReducer, performance optimization, how React really works, advanced plan patterns, and so forth.



Jonas Schmedtmann

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 371,814 Reviews
  • 1,692,977 Students
  • 7 Courses

Hey, I'm Jonas! I'm one of Udemy's Top Instructors and all my exceptional courses have acquired the smash hit status for remarkable performance and understudy fulfillment.

I'm a full-stack web developer and designer enthusiastically for building delightful web interfaces from scratch. I've been building websites and apps beginning around 2010 and furthermore have a Graduate degree in Engineering.

I found my enthusiasm for teaching and helping other people by sharing all that I knew during school. This enthusiasm drove me to Udemy in 2015, where I presently have the honor of preparing 1,500,000+ learners in the field of web advancement.

What learners love the most pretty much the entirety of my courses is the way that I require some investment to make sense of each and every idea such that everybody can undoubtedly comprehend.

All in all, would you like to learn how to build marvelous websites with modern HTML and CSS?

Searching for a total JavaScript course that takes you from zero to an advanced developer?

Or then again perhaps you need to build modern and strong front-end applications with React?

Then, at that point, don't burn through your experience with random instructional exercises or deficient youtube videos. Every one of my courses are not difficult to-follow, across the board bundles that will take your skills to a higher level.

These courses are the very courses I wish I had when I was first getting into web advancement!

Yet, see with your own eyes, sign up for one of my courses, and join 1,500,000+ happy students today.


4.9 course rating 775 reviews

Praveen K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 4 days prior


This course merits a five-star rating. I trust this course is astounding. I learned past course of JavaScript that is drawing in instructor, and significant viable exercises. It outperformed my assumptions and left me with a profound comprehension of the topic. Strongly recommended for anybody looking for a top-indent learning experience! Much thanks to You Jonas Sir ?


Nguyen P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 4 days prior


I as of late set out on a great excursion through "The Ultimate React Course" . This course left me relishing the stunning blend of knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm served by the gifted instructor.From the absolute first talk, I was enthralled


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