The Ultimate Redux Course (Code With Mosh)
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Jun 25, 2023

The Ultimate Redux Course (Code With Mosh)

Take your Redux skills to the next level with the Ultimate Redux Course by Code With Mosh. From beginner to expert in just 6 hours, this comprehensive course covers the principles, benefits, and practical implementation of Redux for state management in JavaScript applications. Learn Redux Toolkit, clean code practices, debugging techniques, middleware usage, testing strategies, and integration with React. Organize and structure Redux code in large-scale applications. Recommended for developers looking to enhance their skill set and advance their career in Redux development.


Concise. Comprehensive.

Burnt out on sorting out disconnected tutorials or managing meandering aimlessly, confounding instructors? This course is for you! It's impeccably structured into a progression of bite-sized, simple to-follow recordings that cover both theory and practice.



What You'll Learn

  • Understand the principles and benefits of utilizing Redux for state the board in JavaScript applications
  • Utilize Redux Toolkit to launch Redux apps
  • Compose clean, concise, maintainable state the executives code
  • Investigate and investigate Redux applications utilizing Redux DevTools
  • Use existing middleware or compose your own
  • Handle nonconcurrent occasions with redux-thunk
  • Test Redux code, the correct way
  • Connect React and Redux utilizing react-redux
  • Expore well known tools in Redux environment
  • Use best practices for organizing and structuring Redux code in large-scale applications


Course Content

6 Hours . 11 Sections . 120 Lessons

Getting Started(15m)

Welcome0m 51s

What is Redux?PREVIEW

Upsides and downsides of ReduxPREVIEW

Is Redux for You?PREVIEW

Setting Up the Advancement EnvironmentPREVIEW

Course StructurePREVIEW

Chase after Me

Learning Ways

Practical Programming in JavaScript(41m)

Redux Fundamentals(37m)

Building Redux from Scratch(11m)

Debugging Redux Applications(15m)

Writing Clean Redux Code(35m)

Designing the Store(30m)


Consuming APIs(58m)

Testing Redux Applications(1h)

Integration with React(32m)


Who Is This For?


  • Developers inquisitive about Redux, the benefits it gives and how to appropriately utilize it
  • Developers who need to add Redux to their skill set to receive a pay increase or go after a better position



To take this course, you really want to have no less than 90 days of experience programming in JavaScript. You don't any familiarity with Redux. I'll show you everything from the beginning.

Here are the courses we prescribe assuming you want to strengthen the fundamentals.


I'm Mosh Hamedani.

Is it true that you are feeling stuck or overpowered in your coding process? You can definitely relax, I have you covered! Together, we'll attempt to step up your skills, increment your procuring potential, and fabricate a more promising time to come.


What my students say


4.8out of 5 in view of 1549 reviews

"I started learning programming w/Mosh a long time back with his C# and .NET courses. On account of those I landed my most memorable job. Then, I kept on learning from his materials and took the leap from Jr. to Ssr. and then to Sr. Programmer (my compensation went 10x from my most memorable job). Presently, after 4 years I keep on learning with his fantastic courses."

Useful links related to the content:

  1. Redux - Official website of Redux, a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.
  2. Redux Toolkit - Official documentation for Redux Toolkit, a package that simplifies Redux development.
  3. Redux DevTools - GitHub repository for Redux DevTools, a browser extension for debugging Redux applications.
  4. react-redux - Official documentation for react-redux, the official Redux bindings for React.
  5. redux-thunk - GitHub repository for redux-thunk, a middleware for Redux that allows handling asynchronous actions.
  6. Testing JavaScript Applications - Course by Kent C. Dodds on testing JavaScript applications.
  7. Functional Programming in JavaScript - Udemy course by Mosh Hamedani on functional programming in JavaScript.
  8. Building Scalable React Apps with Redux and Redux-Saga - Udemy course by Mosh Hamedani on building scalable React apps with Redux and Redux-Saga.
  9. The Complete React Native and Redux Course - Udemy course by Stephen Grider on React Native and Redux.


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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