The Website Blueprint - Planning for a web design project
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Harry Potter

Jul 22, 2023

The Website Blueprint - Planning for a web design project

Learn the art of web design planning with the Website Blueprint course. Create web design briefs, sitemaps, and wireframes with the guidance of an experienced web designer. This course is suitable for marketing professionals, managers, small business owners, web designers, graphic designers, and more. Get a 20% discount on your first Squarespace plan and access additional resources. Instructor Elwyn Davies, a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience, will provide tangible skills with immediate real-world applications in this revamped course for 2023


What you'll learn

  • Create a web design brief
  • Content prioritization in web design
  • Create a website sitemap
  • Wireframing for web design



Have a basic degree of experience with IT and online software


Completely REVAMPED FOR 2023.

Nearly four years after the creation of this Planning for a Web Design Project course, we are glad to announce that we are revamping and updating this course ahead of 2023.

The Course will be split into three key areas:


The Website Blueprint

This covers all vital aspects of preparation expected to design a professional website. This is also a fantastic starting point for marketing professionals, managers and small business owners working with agencies and professional web designers.


Chapters include:

- The Blueprint Agenda

- The List item Brief

- Sitemap

- Content Prioritization

- Regard the Matrix!

- Wireframing


Live Projects:

We will give you a front-row ticket to our live projects. As an active design studio, we are in an extraordinary position to give understanding into all of the moving parts on our real-life projects.


Design Theory:

From the PixelHaze Principles of Design to the Chaos Ladder, the PixelHaze team will give understanding into our idiosyncratic, memorable teaching practices.


The planning module is crucial to guarantee your project is on the right balance.

Here we will give you the full toolkit for planning your website utilizing attempted and tried strategies. This module is suitable for web designers, graphic designers, small business owners and marketing professionals who are expected to tender and project manage a website re-design. We will involve Squarespace as our picked platform; notwithstanding, this approach will be suitable for any platform.




Additional Assets:

GET A 20% Markdown ON YOUR Most memorable ANNUAL/Month to month SQUARESPACE PLAN!

Essentially follow the means beneath:

1. Create a free trial in Squarespace

2. While buying into your most memorable plan, utilize our voucher code to get a 20% markdown on your most memorable month/year plan: PixelHaze20


Squarespace Templates:

We have a fantastic range of Squarespace Templates and modules (custom code) at pixelhaze (dab) store

Software and websites utilized in this course:

- Canva

- Colourlovers

- Awwwards

- Google Fonts

- Unsplash


Affiliate notice: We are affiliate partners with Squarespace and may get remuneration from Squarespace for any purchases via the connections on this page.

Who this course is for:

Marketing managers

Junior marketing executives

Freelance graphic designers

Web design students

Computer Science students

Graphic design students

Freelance web developers

Small business owners

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Elwyn Davies

Web Design Coach and Squarespace Authorized Trainer

  • 4.9 Teacher Rating
  • 262 Reviews
  • 16,381 Students
  • 7 Courses

Meet Elwyn, a seasoned professional with north of 20 years of experience as a rapidly expanding digital media agency business proprietor.

Having worked with north of 3,000 clients, Elwyn's process is a convincing mix of progress, examples learned, and an enduring commitment to growth.

From project management to lead design, from digital marketing coaching to business advancement, Elwyn has wore many hats, each adding to his rich collection of abilities and information. His experience spans a noteworthy range of industry areas, offering types of assistance to startups and multinationals, a testament to his adaptability and broad range of abilities.

Elwyn's versatility and ability to deliver compelling arrangements, regardless of the client's size or area, speaks volumes about his proficiency. He is known for his pragmatic approach to teaching, with a solid spotlight on tangible abilities with immediate real-world applications.

In the event that you're searching for a navigated the coach ups and downs of the digital media landscape and arose with valuable bits of knowledge, then, at that point, Elwyn is your mentor. He brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping other people learn rapidly and apply their insight really.

Embracing a playful, 'roll your sleeves up' teaching approach, Elwyn eagerly anticipates directing you through your learning process with his rational style.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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