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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 22, 2022


Our course is the complete guide that takes you from zero to TypeScript hero.


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There's a more straightforward method for mastering TypeScript.

Our direct course resembles having a shrewd, experienced companion plunk down close to you, walk you through every idea, and apply what you realize. It's our mystery ingredient.


  • All that you want to be aware to master TypeScript
  • TypeScript Outline
  • In this segment, we'll address that inquiry with respect to TypeScript as well as cover some other programming fundamentals that TypeScript uses.


Composing in JavaScript

Types are essential to TypeScript, so normally you'll should be know all about the base types that exist in JavaScript.


Getting TypeScript Configured

TypeScript is both a type checker and a compiler, so you'll have to introduce it to utilize it with your projects. You'll likewise find out about the main setup settings for TypeScript.


Fundamental Type Checking

Now that you're good to go up, you can begin composing TypeScript code! You'll find out about the TypeScript type checker and how to compose type explanations when the type checker can't automatically surmise them.


Unique TypeScript Types

TypeScript incorporates a couple of unique types which it uses to increase the types that accompany JavaScript. You'll figure out how you can utilize these to add better type safety to your projects.


Project: Tic Tac Toe

We'll make Tic Tac Toe utilizing TypeScript so you can discover how to compose type definitions that match the data structures you use in your code.


Advanced TypeScript Types

TypeScript accompanies its own arrangement of administrators which you can use to change your types. You'll likewise find out about an extraordinary ways of adding type comments to functions.



In this segment you'll find out about how to characterize classes and a few unique elements that TypeScript gives to provide your classes with a touch of additional type safety.



Very much like you can compose functions to reuse code, you can compose conventional types to reuse type definitions all through your codebase. We'll try and take a gander at a genuine library to perceive how it utilizes generics.


Type Narrowing

Frequently, you'll find that you have a worth that could be a few distinct types. How might you determine what type it really is? When you find out about Type Narrowing, you can add runtime checks to decide the type valuable.



Modules are tied in with getting code from one record into another document. TypeScript has a nuanced way to deal with modules, so you'll realize what things to keep an eye out for as you use modules in your TypeScript code.


Declaration Files

You'll find out about the type definitions that boat with TypeScript, third-party type definitions, and how to compose your own type definitions for third-party modules.


Additional Topics

In this part you'll find out pretty much everything that don't exactly fit with the typical progression of the course.


Project: Web Server

Now that we discover somewhat more about designing TypeScript, we'll utilize this information to compose a Node.js server utilizing TypeScript. We'll deal with the solicitation and reaction object, make a couple of courses, and even snatch a few unique data.


Learn TypeScript

Set areas of strength for a working with Types

Get hands on practical involvement in TypeScript

Step up your abilities to receive that pay increase

Seems to be a strong speculation to me!

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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