Ultimate character creation in Blender: From beginner to pro
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jun 21, 2023

Ultimate character creation in Blender: From beginner to pro

Master the art of character creation in Blender with this comprehensive guide. Learn modeling, texturing, and rigging techniques to create professional 3D characters. From navigating the Blender interface to understanding advanced concepts like UV mapping, shaders, and shape keys, this course provides step-by-step instructions. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, join now to unlock the ultimate character creation potential in Blender


What you'll learn

  • The most effective method to navigate in Blender and perceive the work area.
  • Have the option to distinguish the different 3D modeling techniques.
  • The most effective method to put reference images which will act as a manual for model 3D characters.
  • Utilize the box modeling strategy to make a hard surface character with crude shapes.
  • Utilize the polygon modeling strategy to make a basic natural character.
  • The most effective method to utilize modifiers that will influence an item's calculation in a non-horrendous manner.
  • Instructions to model a professional looking human character with the polygon modeling strategy and the bends modeling technique.
  • Make and allocate materials to the model.
  • Comprehend how to open up a 3D cross section into an UV map.
  • The most effective method to sort out and send out an UV design to later involve it as an aide for painting textures.
  • Perceive how to utilize the shader editor and distinguish specific hubs.
  • Apply texture images and PBR maps to make various materials.
  • Produce procedural textures joining hubs to compose new shaders.
  • Alter the 3D lattice with shape keys to give facial expressions to the character.
  • Foster a rig (add bones) which will permit the character to move.
  • Use drivers to change the upsides of the shape keys and give a few limitations to the bone controllers.
  • Recognize the distinction between forward kinematics and opposite kinematics.
  • Configuration shapes to make the control bones really engaging and instinctive.
  • Instructions to relegate automatic weights to the lattice and how to physically paint weights.
  • Have the option to pose and vivify the character once the rig is done.



Have the option to work with a PC that is equipped for running Blender rendition 2.9 or above.

It's prescribed to work with a three-button mouse, yet it's not mandatory.

Essential information on Blender or some other 3D programming is attractive, yet all the same it's not totally important. You will learn the tools that will be all required for this course.


Welcome to the "Ultimate character creation in Blender: From beginner to pro".

In this course we will utilize the open-source 3D programming, Blender, to learn how to model, texture and rig 3D characters with a professional look.


We will begin by getting an outline of the Blender interface, so we can get to know it and with every one of the necessary tools for the advancement of the course. We will get to know all of the very nuts and bolts, how to navigate around the viewport, control objects on the scene and learn a few easy routes so we can work all the more productively with the product.


At the point when we wrap up getting the speedy gone through of the Blender rudiments, we will really begin making a few characters. Our most memorable approach to 3D modeling will be by utilizing the box modeling method which will permit us to model a hard-surface character, we will utilize reference images and a few crude 3D shapes to make a Robot.


Then we will make our second character which is a Mouse. Here we will utilize the polygon modeling procedure which allows us to model natural characters.


For our last and greatest project we will make a human character. We will utilize two techniques, the polygon modeling and the bends modeling strategy. We will make a point to work with the proper edge-stream for animation and we will model the face, body, hands, feet, hair, garments and shoes, all without any preparation.


At the point when we wrap up modeling the human, we will go on by opening up the pieces of the character making its all UV maps, so we can texture it later. For the concealing stage, we will learn various strategies that we can use to make materials, for example, painting textures in other advanced painting virtual products, applying textures tracked down in the web, making and applying PBR maps, making procedural textures and utilizing Blender's own Texture Paint tool.


Later on, we will go on with the rigging segment. We will actually want to make a facial rig utilizing shape keys, bones with drivers and limitations, so our human character can get a few facial expressions. Then we will make the body rig by adding bones and following the right strategy to make them move, we will comprehend the contrast among forward and reverse kinematics and we will utilize controllers that will allow us to pose the character. A short time later, we will give the bones a more pleasant look so the rig turns really engaging and natural to utilize.

In conclusion, we will relegate automatic weights from the rig into the lattice and we will likewise learn how to paint weights physically with the Weight Paint tool inside Blender, so we can change the impact of the bones as per our requirements.

Eventually, when that is all finished, we will actually want to pose our character and we will be prepared to involve our human character for animation purposes!


Thus, if you need to have the option to make your own 3D characters for animation, this is the right course for you!

Toward the finish of the examples, you will be totally prepared and will have every one of the vital abilities to assemble your own characters in Blender.


This course has north of 30 hours of content, in excess of 200 recordings and one educator who simply needed to impart her insight to individual 3D specialists.


What are you sitting tight for? Go along with me as we make professional looking 3D characters with Blender!


Who this course is for:

Individuals who are interested about the universe of 3D modeling and animation.

Individuals who will learn how to make professional looking 3D characters.



Monica Chavez Trochez

3D Craftsman

  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 1,848 Reviews
  • 7,471 Students
  • 2 Courses


I go by Monica and I'm a 3D craftsman. I have been working with Blender for over 6 years, so I have acquired some experience working with the program, despite the fact that I actually have quite a lot more that I presently can't seem to learn!

I'm enthusiastic around 3D designs and the varying media world. I likewise love educating, that way I can impart my insight to additional individuals, so I can move them to get involved into the marvels of the 3D designs world.



Mi nombre es Monica y soy artista 3D. He trabajado con Blender por más de 6 años, entonces he ganado algo de experiencia con el programa, aunque todavía tengo muchas cosas más que me quedan por aprender!

Me apasionan los gráficos en 3D y el mundo varying media. También me gusta enseñar, de esa manera puedo compartir mis conocimientos con más personas, así puedo inspirarlos an involucrarse en las maravillas del mundo de los gráficos en 3D


4.6 course rating 393 reviews

Ryan P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 fourteen days prior


This course is great for complete beginners and gives you a strong groundwork to expand upon, and expand upon that establishment it does.


Henrique D.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


Awesome. I learned a great deal!


Erin M.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 months prior


Altered to add: I've followed through with the course and made every one of the models. I've utilized the course to make three characters of my own. It's been truly helpful!I've been looking for a course very much like this. It's not difficult to track.

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