Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Apr 15, 2023

Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing

Learn web design with Figma, build websites with Webflow and make a living freelancing with this 3 in 1 course. Develop skills in graphic design, visual hierarchy, typography, and more. Enroll now to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

A 3-in-1 course Learn to construct websites with Webflow and Figma, and earn a career through freelancing.


What you'll discover

You will gain knowledge of layout, typography, visual hierarchy, design techniques, and other elements of graphic design.

Using Figma, an interface design tool used by designers at Uber, Airbnb, and Microsoft, you will learn how to create stunning websites.

You will learn how to use Webflow, a potent site builder employed by teams at Adobe, Dell, NASA, and other organizations, to take the designs and turn them into websites.

You'll discover the insider tricks used by successful online freelance web designers.


A PC with internet connectivity is required.

Free accounts can be made with Webflow and Figma.


Web design is enjoyable. It's original.

You feel a tremendous amount of pride in your job when you can say, "I made this!" I adore the sensation of finishing a project. When I sag back in my chair and smile as I survey the outcome, I get a little "spark joy" moment.

Knowing that I just made $5,000 makes it even more rewarding.

Why on earth wouldn't you want that?

Wouldn't you desire having your own business?

Working two to three hours a day and earning more money than others who work full-time?

waking up at any time?

Using a home office? maybe Starbucks? or a bath? if you prefer that. Or from a fantastic location like Bali?

I do! And that's why I chose this profession. not because I adore doing web design, which I already do. but what about the STYLE?

This lifestyle can be attained in a variety of ways. I do it this way. This is how I attained the way of life I had been daydreaming about for the previous five years. And I'll impart the same knowledge to you.

People frequently believe that web design is difficult. that it requires some aptitude for computers or artistic ability. Yes, a lot of people make it sound incredibly difficult. The simplest things are complex by people. as with the majority of disciplines taught in universities.

But I detest complexity. I like simple. I enjoy life tips. I prefer to go the quickest and easiest path possible. I don't have a degree in computer science or from an art school. I'm an outsider who somehow managed to hack his way into this industry and become a highly sought-after professional.

I'm going to teach you web design in this manner. In order to prevent demotivation on your journey with unnecessary intricacy. Due to the process's ease and enjoyment, you enjoy it. Thus, you can quickly start working as a freelance web designer.

For instance, even though this is a design course, I won't be teaching you Photoshop. Considering that Photoshop is overly complex for web design. However, it is still taught to web designers. I don't. I impart knowledge of Figma, a straightforward tool that is reshaping the design industry. While others are still learning how to use Photoshop to build simple layouts, you will be designing a whole website in just one week.

Second, this course focuses on development. But I don't instruct you in programming. Because learning to code is too time-consuming and unnecessary difficult for Web design. Instead, I instruct students in Webflow, a platform that is dominating the web design industry. While most people are still learning the fundamentals of HTML & CSS, you will be developing complicated websites within two weeks.

Third, this course focuses on freelancing. I don't, however, only instruct you on how to build strong proposals. I'll offer you a sample of a successful proposal. You will have a beautiful portfolio website with portfolio pieces in it when the course is through.

Purchase this course right away and finish it whenever it is convenient for you.

This course is intended for those who desire to begin a career in free-lance web design.

those who want to change up their professional lives by entering a new, lucrative, and in-demand field.


Web designer and best-selling instructor Vako Shvili has a 4.8 instructor rating and 14,463 reviews.

61,693 pupils

3 Dishes

Vako decided he had had enough of the 9 to 5 grind, or in his case, the 9 to 9 grind, and quit his job. Actually, he got himself fired from his own startup.

He made the decision to pursue his goals, which included becoming his own boss, travelling the world, only doing the work he enjoyed, and earning significantly more money. No more surviving payment to paycheck and pleading with employers for leave days.

After trying everything, including running online shops and playing professional poker, his big break came when he began doing freelance design. Vako developed a love for the profession that allows him to live the life of his desires.

Vako is aware that students who enroll in courses on Udemy aspire to change their life. As he previously did, Vako is now assisting thousands of people in transforming their lives through his courses and mentorship.


13K course evaluations at 4.8

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 last week for Anas G.



I don't recall ever feeling this content when learning something new before.Learning is typically a drawn-out and tedious process, but Vako's course was created with so much time and work that it is truly fantastic.The sense of humour is definitely appreciated because it makes learning even more enjoyable.Overall, Vako and his course are outstanding. I'm just grateful I got the chance to learn from him.


Joey M.

A score of 5.0 out of 5 a month ago


This course met all of my expectations and was just what I needed. Vako is a fantastic instructor who is also very approachable, easy to listen to, and easy to follow along with when doing the course's practical exercises.


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 last month for Sreekar V.


I am really happy that I have learned enough about site design, as well as the numerous approaches used and how it actually functions. In addition to creating, Mr. Vako is an excellent teacher, and I liked the way he handled the course; it made it much easier for me to complete it.


T. Prayag.

A month ago, this rating was 4.5 out of 5.


An excellent course to master sound principles of Webflow development and design. According to me, the course is a "3 in 1" course that offers the content for 3 courses for the price of just 1 course.1. Strong web design abilities

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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