WhatsApp Automation - Become a WhatsApp Genius (2022)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 28, 2022

WhatsApp Automation - Become a WhatsApp Genius (2022)

Learn to automate WhatsApp and begin building multi-step chatbots in only 2 hours!


What you'll learn

  • Essentials of WhatsApp Automation
  • Make a Fundamental WhatsApp Automation Bot
  • Make a Multi-step Progressed Automation WhatsApp Bot
  • Send Photographs/Recordings/Documents (Consequently) as a Reaction in WhatsApp
  • Store WhatsApp Messages in a Database
  • Use Twilio and MongoDB to Automate WhatsApp
  • Send Bots to a Remote server and Host it in the Cloud Free of charge!
  • Utilize Your Own WhatsApp Number as a Chatbot



  • Fundamental IT abilities
  • Basics of any programming language


Welcome to this seminar on WhatsApp automation. In this course, you will learn how to send messages or media naturally in WhatsApp with practically no human intercession. You can likewise make conversational chatbots through this course. Taking into account WhatsApp has billions of clients around the world, it can likewise be utilized for business or individual automation. So on the off chance that you work for any business, or you own a business, you can utilize this expertise to automate a ton of your client care, such as giving out data about your business or about what things are accessible or in any event, taking requests. You can likewise utilize it on an individual scale like sending updates or following your propensities or anything you need to accomplish.


In the first place, you will learn the nuts and bolts of automation and how to make an essential WhatsApp automation bot utilizing Python and Twilio. Aside from sending messages, you will likewise learn how to store messages in a database called MongoDB. In the wake of learning the fundamentals you will learn to make a moderately progressed multi-step WhatsApp visit bot. Investigate the Demo video to see what the bot is prepared to do. When you fabricate the bot, you will learn how to convey it to a remote server and host it in the cloud.


Every one of the services that we will utilize, that is facilitating, database and informing administration… every last bit of it is totally allowed to begin with. Also, additionally, you will learn the entirety of this in only two hours. In the event that that sounds fascinating, check this course out.


Who this course is for:

Any individual who needs to make a chatbot utilizing WhatsApp



Jay Kumar

Software Engineer

  • 4.4 Teacher Rating
  • 171 Surveys
  • 10,516 Understudies
  • 1 Course

Hello! I am Jay and I'm an accomplished software engineer based out of New Delhi, India. I'm primarily keen on front-end instruments, automation, and creating software for disseminated frameworks. I'm energetic about clean code, technology and learning any and all that ends up coming my direction. I'm beginning to investigate my premium in educating.


4.4 course rating 171 Reviews

Anish M.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a month prior



Awesome !! what you really want to be aware of whatsapp bot automation can allude this course ......Author is redesigning content in light of reactions from Understudy so you will see as consistently state-of-the-art content...



Sihle M.

Rating: 4.5 out of 52 months prior



It was not difficult to follow and carry out. The devices utilized were not behind pay walls, everything is open source. it's astounding.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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