WingFox - 3D Photorealistic Classroom Environment Creation in BLENDER
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Jan 25, 2024

WingFox - 3D Photorealistic Classroom Environment Creation in BLENDER

Content: HD Videos + Project Files
Duration: 4 Hours
Software: Blender 2.93
System: No special requirements
Project File: Reference images, .blend files, substance files, textures, etc.

Hello guys! This course will show you the process of creating an entire classroom scene from start to finish just using BLENDER only. We will create a photorealistic Classroom scene with the help of Blender. Aniket Rawat will take you through each and every step of this course and nothing will be skipped. This is a course for users of all types but a basic understanding of Blender and 3D would be really helpful.

Recommend Reasons

  • Learn to create photorealistic scenes in Blender from Start to Finish.
  • Learn the use of different modifiers such as Mirror, Bevel, Boolean etc.
  • Learn to create various 3D models.
  • Learn to create PBR textures.

Core Knowledge Points

1. Introduction & References - Firstly, | will introduce the tutorial briefly and show you how to collect and use the references.

2. Modelling - Secondly, we will start by modelling the different props in BLENDER, we will make use of multiple techniques and modifiers to create our models. We will go through the entire modelling process of each and every prop and nothing will be skipped.

3. Texturing - After finishing with the modelling process we will move on to texturing, we will create multiple PBR textures using completely free textures, we will be creating shaders like Glass, wood etc.

4. Details props adding&Rendering - At last, we will add some detailed props, then light and render our scene, we will use HDRIs to light our scene and use Cycles as our rendering engine. We will render multiple angles of our scene and finish the course with some compositing to make our render look even better.

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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

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