WooCommerce Search Engine v2.2.17 (codecanyon)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Aug 16, 2023

WooCommerce Search Engine v2.2.17 (codecanyon)

WooCommerce Search Engine plugin offers instant, relevant, and smart search for your WooCommerce store. Enhance user experience with lightning-fast search, autocorrect, synonyms, smart price expressions, and more. Boost sales and explore its powerful features.

WooCommerce Search Engine – INSTANT, RELEVANT AND SMART Search Box


"WooCommerce Search Engine" is an extremely strong and simple to utilize WooCommerce Search Plugin which turns a basic search box of your WooCommerce Store to the strong multifunctional sorcery box which assists you with selling more products. The plugin UI is viable with ALL THEMES.

WooCommerce Search Engine is one of the best plugins of 2017 by Envato


Lightning Fast Search by Product Name, Description, Synonyms, SKU, Product Tags, Custom Fields and Attributes!

Smart Search Answer for both "Live Search" and "Theme Search Results Page" - 2 out of 1

Smart and enchantment search engine

Smart autocorrected search: Assuming your client types inaccurate product name(f.e. "smartfon" rather than "smartphone"), our smart calculation remembers it and shows relevant results.

Search by tags, SKU, scientific categorizations, classifications and attributes: The plugin we should you to fabricate search box which tracks down the products by produtct title, description, any custom field, product tag, product class, product attributes and so on which is exceptionally valuable. The plugin additionally gives WooCommerce search by SKU.

Search by synonyms: Spot various custom equivalent matches and the plugin will consider it.

Smart price expressions Consequently perceives prices in search (f.e. 100$ smartphone, smartphones around 100 usd, smartphones under 500$ and so forth.)

Search results page - Gives a similar smart search results for your theme's search results page (the page that comes subsequent to squeezing an enter) - without changing your theme's UI.

Search Analytics: Track what your guests attempted to search. Find new products your guests need and which you don't as yet have.

Trending Products: (New!) Show hot trending products of your site to your customers. The plugin has some one of a kind way for characterizing trending products.

Featured Products: Show chosen products to your guests before they begin composing for search.

Recently Visited Products: Show recently visited products to your guests.

Show all variatons during the search

What's more, a few another extraordinary elements you could like

Some of elements in real life

Trending Products - When the guest begins to type something.

Typo Correction Resolver - Assuming guest commits typo error in search watchword, the plugin grasps what he/she means and shows relevant results.

Smart Price Expressions

Search by Stock Keeping Unit code (SKU Search include for WooCommerce)

Search by your picked custom meta field, tags, attributes.

Search by equivalent words

Propose well known products when "no any outcome found" message shows up.

Seach by classification names

Understanding extraordinary latin+greek letters

Search Analytics which permits you to follow what your customers type in search box

Same smart results in the wake of squeezing an enter and getting search results from backend side:

Previously: Later:

Incredible highlights for your WooCommerce site

Primary Component: Extremely fast search ideas by Product name, description, classification, tag, meta fields, attributes and SKU - no stacking time, no pausing, no any ajax or server-side stacking, so it is super quick.

Featured products block in live search ideas box - Add any product you need.

Most recent visited products block in live search ideas box which is customized for every guest.

Extra assistance messages, for example, "type any message you need: f.e. kid shoes", "no any match found, you would like these new products" and so on… in search ideas box.

The plugin is neatly coordinated with WooCommerce, so even theme designers can add the plugin to their themes.(via expanded permit)


v 2.2.17

- added - HPOS compatibility code;

- little upgrades in equivalent component;

v 2.2.16

- Reestablished Analytics area with new filters

v 2.2.14-15

- Little enhancements for backend snare filters

- A progressions due to php8.1 prerequisites

v 2.2.13

- Enhancements in JS capabilities

- New: Cron Rebuilder can now run just when there is an update in product information.

v. 2.2.12

- PHP cautioning fix for intriguing cases

- Enhancement for center unfocus conduct of the live search box

v. 2.2.11

- JS enhancements for a superior way of behaving of the search box.

- added more backend filters(aka apply_filters) to customize the plugin's functionalities.

v. 2.2.9-10

- a few little upgrades and refinements in JS engine

v. 2.2.7-8

- little JS bug fixes that occured in v2.2.6

v. 2.2.6

- Enhancements for search calculation

- Rebuilding of frontend scripts

- Little improvement in pure_engine

- Better cron work rebuilder

- Faster rebuilder

v. 2.2.5

- i18n support for administrator settings page

- New: straightforward lattice designs for live search box

- fixing replaceAll struggle


v. 2.2.2-4

- fix in auto-updater capability

- minor upgrades

v. 2.2.1

- local WC REST Programming interface for new backend engine

- minor fixes and upgrades

v. 2.2.0

- New backend engine for bigger stores (beta version).

- Some code upgrades.

v. 2.1.15

- Fix - in uncommon cases the quantity of found shown results were higher than max_limit.

- Fix - Custom CSS segment stripslashes issue.

v. 2.1.14

- Fix connected with recently_viewed HTML disentangling.

- Little upgrades in scientific categorization search.

v. 2.1.13

- Fixing interesting JS struggle with Charms filter plugin

- Little upgrades in JS capabilities

v. 2.1.12

- Adding discretionary help for Google Analytics Events&Campaigns

- Enhancements in front-end JS scripts

- New choice to bypass static page reserving by store plugins.

- Minor enhancements.

v. 2.1.11

- improvement backend-orderby taking care of for a few exceptional cases

v. 2.1.10

- Adding meta_value_num backing to orderby condition.

- Better version the executives inside plugin records

- Further developed classification thumbnail fetcher (for versatile version)

v. 2.1.9

- WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility

- Little upgrades in primary JS record

v. 2.1.8

- Little upgrades in fundamental JS document and updater capability

v. 2.1.7

- further developed code - presently immensely significant contentions support WP Filter Snares

- barely any significant enhancements in new backend search engine module

- little improvement in autocorrection calculation

v. 2.1.5 - 2.1.6

- minor enhancements for a few unique cases

v. 2.1.4

- minor enhancements for exceptional cases(multisite WP, Woof plugin compatiblity capability and so on.)

- bunches of upgrades in new backend search engine module

v. 2.1.3

- minor enhancements at backend side

- minor enhancements at frontend side

v. 2.1.2

- fixes for http sites with Cloudflare SSL

- new format shorttag {stock_status}

- minor enhancements

- new exploratory search engine module

v. 2.1.0 - 2.1.1

- 3 minor fixes and 6 minor enhancements.

v. 2.0.8 - 2.0.9

- minor fixes and enhancements

v. 2.0.7

- 4 minor fixes for unique cases

v. 2.0.6

- very great improvement for huge stores with more than 10K products;

- other minor upgrades

v. 2.0.5

- minor fixes and upgrades.

v. 2.0.4

- WooCommerce Multi-Currency compatibility

- WPML most recent version compatibility

- added default RTL CSS support

- imrovements at rebuilder, live search, trending search, smart expressions modules

- other minor fixes

v. 2.0.1-2.0.3

- minor upgrades

v. 2.0.0

- new component: smart price expressions (f.e. 100$ smartphone)

- new component: add any scientific classification/characteristic to live search results format

- fixed: multisite issue has been settled

- new component: update by means of wp-administrator (no need download/reinstall any longer)

- minor enhancements

v. 1.9.6-1.9.9

- little enhancements

v. 1.9.5.

Added: WooCommerce Products Filter (WOOF) compatibility.

Added: WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility.

v. 1.9.0

- Spic and span highlight: Trending products.

- Tags and classifications support for "Featured products block"

- Show custom scientific classification in search box.(Till this version no one but classes could be shown)

- All the more impressive Backend Search choice based on WP Transient Programming interface

- in excess of 10 little upgrades.

- rebuilt Settings page - presently it is simpler to utilize.

v. 1.8.0.

- faster transcribed search.

- feature search term in search results.

- every variety can be displayed as a solitary product.

- a few pieces of smart search engine has been modified.

- in excess of 20 little enhancements.

- presently "backend search results orderby = live search results orderby".

v. 1.7.6.

- More steady reserve manufacturer.

- Improvement at backend search part.

- A few other little upgrades.

v. 1.7.3.

- New module: Basic Independent Search, which can supplant default search results page with our Independent Search Page.

- Shortcode support for independent search page.

- New administrator UI.

- Custom JS field.

- Some little improvement at backend search calculation.

v. 1.7.2.

- Colossal execution improvement for the sites with more than 10K products.

v. 1.7.0:

- added: showing variable price range

- added: 3 new shortcodes

- strong execution improvement and code use

- added: custom design for engineers

v. 1.6.6:

- a few little enhancements.

- added compatibility with WC3 product perceivability scientific classification.

1.6.5 ver.

-gotten to the next level: more fields in design layout.

1.6.1 ver.

-added: fullscreen portable search window.

-added: disregarded watchwords list.

-added: empower/impair shortlinks in store information.

-added: indexedDB support for reserved information - presently it is faster than any time in recent memory.

-added: prohibit any product from search results.

- fixed: homepage redirection in some store joins.

- fixed: show charm thumbnail when there is no featured picture for product.

- a few little enhancements

1.5.4 ver.

- Fixed: "void information in most famous searches" at analytics tab.

- Moved along: administrator settings security.

- Added: "Show all results" interface underneath the live results.

- Gotten to the next level: Analytics information gatherer algorythm

1.5.3 ver.

- Fixed IE11 and Safari issue from 1.5.2

- Further developed nearby reserve load rationale.

1.5.2 ver.

- New: Presently the plugin can show charge included/prohibited prices.

- Imrovement: a few little enhancements for Analytics segment.

- Fix: Deplored WPML capability has been supplanted with the enhanced one.

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  • WooCommerce Products Filter Compatibility: Link
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher Compatibility: Link
  • Changelog and Version Updates: Link

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