ZERO TO HERO PROGRAM to Build Your Entire Trading Career in Stock Market, Commodity market & Forex Market
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Aug 15, 2023

ZERO TO HERO PROGRAM to Build Your Entire Trading Career in Stock Market, Commodity market & Forex Market

Full Time Traders & Job Going Professionals Doing Intraday or Swing Trading

Have You Ever Wondered that Why Only 5% People make Money from the Stock Market?

  • They Know Price Action but not the “Logics of Price Action”
  • They Know Price Action but not the “Probability Enhancers of Price Action”
  • They Know Strategies but not the Appropriate “Rules Based Trading Setup”
  • They Compete with Institutions but never “Follow the Institutions (Smart Money)”
  • They Know Breakout Strategies but not the “Retracement Strategies”
  • They Know how to Trade but they never “Plan the Trade before taking Entry”
  • They take Big Losses and Small Profits But they Don’t know how to “Take Small Losses and Big Profits”


Here's What You will Get


  • Complete Price Action Concepts
  • 11 Strategies (8 Breakout, 3 Retracement)
  • Applicable in Stock, Commodity and Forex Market
  • Price Action with Logics & Probability Enhancers
  • Strategies Based on Institutions’ Zones
  • FnO (Futures and Options)
  • Risk and Money Management
  • Advanced Chart Reading
  • Access on App and Web
  • Unlimited views


  • 24 Live Market Sessions (Every Alternate Week)
  • 24 Live Chart Reading Sessions (Every Alternate Week)
  • Doubt Solving through query Forms within 24 Hours
  • Everyday Analysis of Nifty, Bank Nifty and 4 Stocks
  • Weekly Assignments for Next 3 years​

7+ Bonuses:

  • Recordings of Chart Reading Sessions
  • Free Scanners
  • Strategies Rule Template & Checklists
  • Target Price & Position Sheet Calculator
  • Trading Journal Sheet
  • Book Suggestions


  • How you can start your trading career?
  • How much you can earn consistently being a full time trader or Part Time Trader?
  • How to utilise the Program to build your Trading Career?
  • How to utilise live chart reading sessions to build your Trading Career?
  • What all you are getting with Zero to Hero Program ?
  • Which Market to choose and what Trading type to choose?
  • When you can Start Practical Trading and with How Much Capital?

Are You Facing Any of These Challenges? Then This Program is For You

  • Even after using so many strategies, I Am Not Getting Results
  • I am an Absolute Beginner
  • I Use Price Action, but still Not Getting Results
  • I Have Made Huge Losses
  • I want to Build Trading Career, but Don’t know How?
  • I often get False Breakouts
  • I am not able to Manage my Emotions while Trading
  • I take BIG Losses and Small Profits due to which I end up with losses
  • I am not able to apply Risk Management and Money Management Rules
  • I Don’t have Confidence while taking my own Trading Decisions

After Learning From This Program You’ll Be Able To

  • Do Consistent Profits from Trading
  • Build Your own Trading Career
  • Do Advanced Level of Chart Reading
  • Take Your Own Trading Decisions
  • Have More Confidence with your own Trading Decisions
  • Understand and Apply Risk Management and Money management Rules
  • Identify Best Quality Trades
  • Take Big Profits and Small Losses, that will lead to overall Profitability
  • Become Professional Trader
  • Understand and Apply Price Action Concepts for Chart Reading
  • Trade in different Market Conditions
  • Trade in Indian Stock market, Commodity market or Forex Market

About Your Mentor

Ravi Chandiramani

He is a name synonym to success, crazy and passionate about numbers & Stock market. His practical approach and in-depth analysis over the last 5 years of trading have made him a successful one today.
- Trained over Students (250,000+)
- Strong Community (16,000+)


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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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